Millions Of Dollars And Possibly Even Some Lives Could Be Lost In California Power Shut Down

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Nearly one million customers in Northern California will have their power turned off starting around midnight tonight. This is supposed to be to prevent wildfires in an upcoming high wind event.

Power will be off for 5+ days.

Indoor cannabis production facilities are among the millions of businesses and individuals who will have a major disruption in their daily lives starting tomorrow. Without backup power generation these facilities could loose entire crops. With outdoor harvest in full swing thousands of pounds of big wet buds need electric fans and humidity control to prevent mold. Combined with the already existing regulatory stress on their bottom line this could be the final straw for some struggling farmers.

This seems to me like a drastic measure, and one that will have massive social and financial implications.

To my knowledge this has never been done before. In an effort to avoid a fire disaster, officials at PG&E are planning to cause a financial and humanitarian crisis. Does this seem very sudden and poorly planned to anyone else?


Here are a couple quotes from the linked articles:

PG&E is also reminding people who rely on electric or battery-dependent medical tech such as assistive technology, breathing machines, power wheelchairs or scooters and home oxygen or dialysis to have a plan in place for an extended power outage.

How terrifying for people who’s lives depend on electric power


San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo on Monday urged residents and businesses to prepare to be without electricity for as much as a week, saying the outages could affect almost 2 million people.

I will be watching this closely as it unfolds.

Are you in one of the effected areas? What are you and your family/friends planning to do? Schools, mass transit, grocery stores, and gas stations are just a few of the closures that will be causing major problems for Californians over the next week or more.

This could quickly turn into something very big.

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Holy cow. Are you affected by this? Hopefully everyone's got their mind on a backup plan. I been thinking how crazy vulnerable we are in the north. If the electric and gas was cut when it starts to get real cold up here there'd be so much devastation in 5 days. Prayers and blessings to all affected.

I’m safe in Mexico (funny but true). I am very concerned as to how this will unfold for everyone affected.

Wow I smell another lawsuit in the making. PG&E only cares about making money- they charged me an arm and a leg every month that's for sure.
Pretty crazy they decided to do something like this. It will definitely affect the ones who rely on the electricity for medical equipment.

I’m watching live breaking news about it now. Sounds like PG&E was in federal court today. Apparently the judge has urged them to do this. Very interesting.

I used to work for them as a Lineman. IMHO I think they are trying to prove a point considering their last lawsuit. When the yuppie winos and tree huggers wont let them clear the Right-of-way and trim the trees, fires are bound to happen.

The reason Power is so much is because the state of California doesn’t generate enough. Again due to the environmental nut jobs there. I live in WA where we have many many dams and tons of our electricity gets sent down to Cali. Our rates are close to 1/3 if not 1/4 of Cali rates.

I don’t think what they are doing it right I just think they are trying to prove a point.

This is just a Lineman’s perspective of the situation.

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I think the sun had a filament snap and the front facing solar corona is hitting us with a geomagnetic storm. Possible CME burst etc. IT's space weather. The real weather. I watch it in the morning. The weather down here is to distract you. Everything is controlled by the universe. I haven't watched in a few days because I've been not feeling well but I bet you that is what is happening. So weird

You could definitely be right. This could be a cover for their attempt to protect their grid in a CME scenario. Thanks for the information, I’ll see what else I can find out about that. Sending you 💚 for healing friend.

AWESOME! Yea watch this channel on you tube called Suspicous Observers They do a morning space weather thingy. No jet stream, coronal holes as of yesterday but they are a great channel. He said we were over due for a earthquake. Funny how all the affected area is around where we had those 1400 earthquakes. two were Major I felt one here in nevada. So very interesting. H
The video he put up a few days ago he said we are over due for an earthquake. Let me know what ya think! <3

Interesting points you are bringing up. I know since PG&E got the blame for the Camp Fire, this is totally a move to cover their asses, more so then in the name of not starting a fire. This is a classic situation of you are dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. I wonder if there are different measures they can take vs. turning off electricity? I would hope they are looking into that option. Its a very shitty situation and I hope people get help if its needed.

You’re absolutely right Jon. They are covering their asses at the expense of millions of people. Typical big business.

So you aren’t going to be affected?

since i live in a valley I don't think they will cut my area. If so, I have not heard anything yet.

Oh Wow, thats unbelievable!!And for a week!?!? Thats just B.S. Awesome post @choosefreedom as always! And thanks for your continued support! Upped 💯 and resteemed.👍🌱✌❤

Isn’t it shocking? Millions will be affected.

Thanks so much for your support as well.

Congratulations on your successful grow season.

Thanks! its only thing good that has happened all year, Cheers ! ✌❤

At least they are giving people some time to get a generator, talk to neighbors etc. Rather than have a fire rip the whole place apart and all the residents lose everything. To think the last big fire was all because people wouldn’t let them trim the trees and maintain the Right-of-way. Hmm weird.

Do I think what they are doing it right? No! They are in a dammed if they do dammed if they don’t situation. This is their attempt to prove a point, Unfortunately I don’t think it is the right way to do it.

I have hand delivered many generators to those with life supporting devices in their homes. Whenever we would have a scheduled outage to place all the poles, wire, and equipment we would get those people all setup with their proper electrical needs by providing a generator. I used to work for PG&E and I understand that the public absolutely hates PG&E. I would get flipped off by old ladies as I was responding to a power outage. How nice is that. Lol

PG&E is currently rebuilding basically their whole entire electrical grid. We can’t keep lineman around up here in WA. Thousands have flocked to CA, it’s like the gold rush but instead Lineman are rebuilding the electrical grid. When I left from PG&E there were over 100 contractor crews working on PG&E property. That is a lot and that was back in 2013. Now there are God knows how many.

I just felt I needed to add in a Lineman’s perspective on this whole sh!# show they have going on down there. It’s a mess that is for sure.

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I really appreciate your perspective on this issue. I know there are many many good people who work for these companies. Thank you for all you personally do to keep the power flowing to the people who need and pay for it. I guess we just watch this unfold and see how much people are willing to take.

I have been actually waiting for this time to come since they announced they were goin got start doing this sort of thing last year. I was curious if they were actually going to do it. I’m going to call a couple of my lineman buddies and see how things are going. PG&E is in damage control mode. Electricity and trees = huge fire potential. My prayers go out to all those people effected and my fellow lineman. Cheers

After a quick phone call I found out that one lineman was shot at and another punched in the face so far. So sad...

Really is so sad. Every one is so divided and on edge. Placing blame on everyone except the broken bureaucracy that is at the root. Thanks for the update.

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