Chickens Hiding Under Giant Plant!

in weedcash •  15 days ago 

IMG_1754  Edited.jpg
IMG_1753  Edited.jpg

No surprise: The Jamaican Tall Boy is taking well to the scrOG. it's like the more you fight gravity, the taller the plants get. I love stress training. Especially scrogs.

Im thinking about performing tie downs on some of those taller tops. I think It will free up more space for some covered bud sites. They might not grow well all covered up: So I will probably do tie downs!

Say hi to the chickens! it's very hot outside and they needed the shade. Plus they like the fresh dirt I layed down under the plant yesterday. Stay tuned. We will pull a nice harvest off this single plant.

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That plant is definitely a Sativa! Well done and thats pretty cute about the chickens.

Smart chickens, getting in the shade...
I hope they don't dig too much around the roots...
That plant is pretty darned big! :-)