Day 35 Harvest Time- Dancing with the RedDevil

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Greeting's All! Harvest Time :)

Sorry its so brief keeping the devil waiting never ends well, More to come, Thanks @medicalgrower.


Just beautiful, this inspires me to find a date with good ol' Mary Jane! Hard to find such beauties in Sweden though... Upvoted & followed! 😄

thanks mate :)

nice on medicalpower
looks healthy


good i follow you

thanks :)

They say you don't need weed to have a good time...and they're right. But you also don't need a car to get places but it sure helps.

:) I have upvoted this post, now I am following you and I invite you to see the photo in my last post. I hope you like... ;)

:) hehe i had already had a look at your page, but my spanish is pretty poor :) I like to check out those upvotes i get early..., thanks for taking a look

@medicalgrower although your Spanish is poor maybe you like the photos... Anyway, if you upvote one of them, please leave a comment saying it for me to upvote your last post or your comment. I do not know if this is right around because I am new... :)

Wow, very nice work brother! Them buds look delicious! you gained a upvote, and a follow from me bro. keep up the good work! give my page a follow too we have similar content.

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Peace in Blunts Fam