315+400 Grow Picture - Log Up Until Day 23

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315+400 Grow Picture Log Up Until Day 23

Hey Steem:

So above is where they are at today, Im gonna run through the grow from day 1.

Day 1 12/12 Flowering:

So as you can see the little ladies to the right have just been bent over to spread em out and are under a 315 LEC.

The Plan:

These plants will be getting 2 weeks of 315 before being moved under 315LEC+400HPS


In Order, Day 6

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In Order, Day 18


In Order, Day 22

Thanks for taking a look! @medicalgrower


I know nothing about growing but still love to look at the pics anyways

thank you :-)...keep looking...youll know how to grow soon enough

NICE grow!

Nicee work Looks great

I love this stage where you can see the crystals on it! Thanks for sharing it with us! upped!

ha ha....very nice