#Wednesdaywalk from Saturday on Friday!

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Confused yet? Well, #wednesdaywalk is a tag rocked well by @tattoodjay that sees legions or active people getting up and around, taking pics while they walk to tell a story. The Friday and Saturday parts are just me catching up from a busy week and battling like a warrior to get back to posting once a day.

This walk was one we have every year around this time. It is cousin time for the kids and a night of acting like kids for the dads.


Apple Land Station


Apple Land Station https://www.applelandstation.com/ is not terribly far from home and is a great place to bring the kids for some real out door activity. They have a great variety of apples that are ready at different times of the year, lots of activities for kids, a corn maze, train that drives you around the property, dining tent and gift shop.



We headed straight for the Ambrosia section as the ladies love them. I think they are partial to Honeycrisp but these are the ones that are in season that fit the bill.



I don't a bunch of apples because there is something they spray them with at the grocery store that doesn't agree with me. Fresh off the tree? THAT'S my jam! so clean and fresh and juicy. Makes me wanna make cider!



They have the perfect guy running the train. A bearded old veteran that knows his message of where the apples are, how to pick them, and how to respect the orchard. It is not a huge circuit but the kids



There are hundreds of each kind of tree all laid out in rows. It amazes me how many apples grow on even the smallest of trees here. Kinda feels like grape vines.


IMG_7695 (1).jpg

There is a pumpkin patch they have cleaned up but you can pick your pumpkin right from where it grew.



Maybe as much as a wednesday ride as a walk but the kids love it.


IMG_7688 (1).JPG

Games and sandboxes. Music and food. Harvesting and consuming. Seems a great place for everyone.



Good place for a picnic.



You might find monkeys in a tree.





What do you like to do in the fall for out-door activity?

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Oh, it's quite normal. Do you know the Strugatski Bros book called Monday Starts on Saturday?

The pumpkin patch and other farm sites are cool.

It’s a small world. I happen to be in the middle of reading their book Hard to Be a God.

The book I liked. But don't watch the movie ;)

Fresh apples! I would really eat a lot there...haha. Nothing beats fresh apples, although honestly I actually never tried having fresh apples before (they cannot be grown here), but freshness always make things better, right? :P

Pick your pumpkin for maximum freshness guarantee, plus maximum Halloween decoration satisfaction after you're done with it! :P

I'm not really a huge fan of apples, but i do love doing stufff in fall, with friends and family and having the opportunity to take a bunch of photos. And Picnics, who doesn't like picnics? Good stuff.

Looks like such a fun day out and I liek you dont trust apples or many things from stores not knowing what has been sprayed onthem to keep them looking frsh, but freshly picked from a farm that doesnt use sprays always tastes so much better to me as well

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)