The morning after the storms for today's #wednesdaywalk

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Yesterday was a wild weather day here in New Hampshire, but on the bright side, the storms ushered in some beautifully cooler and dryer weather for today.

My first thought was to do some shots of the small bits of storm damage we had for @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk challenge (check out his latest post HERE - it's a particularly excellent one this week), but soon realized broken branches and battered bushes were boring.

Instead, I decided to wander through my Durham, NH yard and take pictures of things that struck my fancy. Needless to say, many of those things were still covered in raindrops, so I suppose it did end up being a bit storm related. And given I have nearly two dozen pictures here, it seems like I was out in the yard for ages, but it was only about a half hour's worth of wandering (which netted me over 100 pictures total, because I'm a bit of a shutterbugging nut!).

As always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 (Amazon affiliate link - thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something...LOL) for the photos. I have it set on Auto Mode at the moment, and I typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step.

Hope you enjoy my yard!
Rain soaked Rover Bellflowers
Rain covered daisy
Black-eyed Susans that are actually pretty dry (unlike the leaves behind)
Peek-a-boo grasshopper in the Lemon Yellow Daylily
Really, really soaked thin-leaved sunflowers
Raindrops as far as the eye can see (in this macro shot,
Mr Grasshopper is still hanging around
The rain dusted clover looks sparkly
Although in this shot they look almost velvety
It was a bit foggy in the woods this morning, but it's already clearing off
Again, not a great shot of Mama Phoebe, but I don't want to get too close and bother her
I used to know what kind of seed pod this is, but the name escapes me. However, for years (since the kidlets were young), we've called them "Fairy eggs"
I have no clue what kind of grass/weed/flower this is... I don't recall seeing it on the lawn before
But it looks positively magical!
Tiny mushrooms have sprung up on the lawn
They look pretty magical too
This rose bloom was battered down to the ground, but still looks beautiful
Even with the soaking, the lawn is still a bit scorched
Okay Mother Nature - not funny!
To make up for her sass, Mother Nature put a spotlight on a bunch of clover hearts
And nearby, a (possible) Male Springtime Darner hung out and kept me company
More Black-eyed Susans, but these have recently sprung up through cracks in the driveway


Have a great week!

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After the rain the colors always seem to come out beautifully and that’s for sure the case in these delightful images you got on your walk

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Thanks so much in return, @tattoodjay!

I sure love them raindrops on the leaves. Very good shots as usual @traciyork.
Will surely check out your other "webnet presence"


Awesomeness, @abbiephoto! Thanks!

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I love water droplets on the plants and flowers after the rain! I really struggle to capture them with my bridge camera. When I'm grown up, I'll have a "proper" camera... lol. These are beautiful!


Thanks so much, @fionasfavourites! 😊

Love the raindrops pictures @traciyork. Looks like you have a very pretty garden.

For a moment there I thought one of your clover shots was from winter. It looks like the leaves have frost on them. 😊


I had that same thought when I first saw the clover, @gillianpearce! And thank you so much! 😊

Seriously! These photos are so awesome @traciyork! I wonder what @pixresteemer would think if I nominated you again so! He/she would probably ban me for sure and think we were in cahoots! Ha ha..that word (caHoots) just made me think of your owl post! Anyway, I love all of these photos and I'm totally jelly of them but in a very very good way!! ❤

These flowers are so beautiful especially with the rain drops. I specially love the woods...😀.



Thanks so much, @kweenbrand! 😊

Little bit of paradise you live in there!! But I think I have said that before.

@traciyork, how about you (or your other half) take part in my novelette creation? Is just a bit of fun .....


I think you might have, and I completely agree - in fact, I just said something like that to our landlady this past weekend.

I found your post and have it open in a new tab. I'll definitely take a peek once I finished getting caught up (been neglecting my virtual hangouts this past week). Thanks for putting it on my radar!

Wonderful photos! That rain was crazy! I'm enjoying the sunshine now, but I guess some more weather is coming in this weekend.

Hey! Are you doing OK? I'm feeling like you could use some hugs right now! Sending some positive healing energy your way!


Thanks, Roger! Yep, it was wicked wild, wasn't it?

I'm actually doing okay, and was about to send you and Sheila a PM to see if you're interested in breakfast at the end of the week... 😊


Cool beans! I'm looking forward to breakfast! I also happy to hear that every thing is OK. I get worried when I don't see your posts like every day!


Same here! And yep, I've been a slacker, but planning to change that this week. Thanks for touching base, and can't wait to see you and @swedegis again!

Amazing shots... great focus and lovely colors. So vibrant!


Thank you so much, @ykdesign! Greatly appreciate the kind words!