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As I've mentioned before, I haven't been taking many pictures lately. Winter decided to cut the line on Fall, and as a result it's been ridiculously cold here in New Hampshire. It's been hard to work up the ambition to wander around my yard with my Nikon when I can't feel my fingers.

I decided to take a peek in one of the bazillion folders of raw photographs I downloaded from my camera then never looked at again my archives, and discovered a bunch of shots from warmer days. So here's a meander from June 14th, 2016.

Oh, but first, for those who don't know what a Wednesday Walk is, check out @tattoodjay's most recent and festive post for all the deets - Wednesday walk challenge along 5th Ave -and Steem Basic Income Give away).

Now, on to the pictures!

Wayback Wednesday Walk from June 14th
Mr Blue Jay, inspecting the ground for worms (or possibly the raisin toast I tossed out earlier)

Mrs Cowbird surveying from the top of the basketball hoop in the driveway

Good morning from the woods

Amazing how decorative pollen can be from the right angle...lol!

Mr Hummingbird coming in for a landing

Checking first to make sure the water is fresh...

...guess it passed inspection

Found this Crane Fly hanging out on the other side of the Hummingbird feeder.

More fairy dust

Peekabee! Get it - a bee playing peekaboo, so it's a... yeah, never mind.

An inside look at the flower without the bee

A pink rose from the bush next to our driveway

A purple Iris next to the pink rose from the bush next to our driveway

The rhubarb in the backyard sprouting up...

...as were the strawberries. Full disclosure - all the gardening is courtesy of our landlords. I just take pictures of 'em. 😊

Thanks for stopping by!

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and sometimes utilizing my handy dandy tripod
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Those are gorgeous shots especially that blue jay
A nice walk through your archives

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thanks so much in return, @tattoodjay! And I've been bribing the Blue Jays in the neighborhood for years, so they're nice enough to pose for me on occasion... 😂


and it has worked they were posing for you so sweetly :)

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Great to see such vibrant colours on a dark, cold December evening. You are blessed in the Americas to have the absolute wonder of the Hummingbird - I’m in awe of them ever since a trip to Costa Rica - simply stunning! Greetings from Europe...


Hello from across the pond, @greenstar and thank you so much for your kind words! I'm totally spoiled with the hummingbirds around here, and I never get tired of taking their picture, so I completely agree! Appreciate you dropping by. 😊

I'm enjoying seeing summertime photos today and most likely will be even more desperate for them in February, so I'm happy to hear that you have unopened folders to supply me with some more summertime.


Thanks, @melinda010100 and after waking up this morning to single digits here in New Hampshire, I can say I'm more than happy to supply more sunshiney summertime shots in the coming weeks. Hope you're staying warm in Wisconsin!

Nice shots and I don't blame you for reaching back in the archives, I don't care for the cold weather either. Those are some nice shots of the birds, hopefully this will be a short winter.


I hope so too, @sultnpapper - it would be nice if it started early because it's going to leave early. And thank you so much for your kind words.


You are most welcome, and all we can do is hope.