Wednesday Walk - New Coffee Shop

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This is my contribution to #wednesdaywalk challenge hosted by @tattodjay.

It’s been really hot lately so I didn’t walk much, so I didn’t post much either.

Today I passed by this new coffee shop and decided to go in and take some pics for the challenge. I also wanted a drink 🥃 ok ... non-alcoholic... 😂😃🤣

Looks cute and kind of upscale. Very empty. I mean nobody. Lunchtime and Central Ave... hmmm...


I see they have already-made cakes, they are waiting for custom orders for writings...


Vegan tarts, that’s unusual. But no prices.


Some blackboard with some prices, but not what’s on display. I had to ask how much is a vegan tart, she said $7.50. That’s a lot. Actually that is a crazy price.


No prices for cupcakes. I saw some much smaller ones, like bite size, $3.25. So these are probably double, outrageous.


I ordered a small cappuccino. I asked for non-dairy milk, they had oatmeal milk, never heard of that. I thought they will give me dairy free creamer or almond milk. Anyway, it tasted good and it cost $3.50. Like 10 sips. 😃 Never ever again. Those daisies on the table were as sad and disappointed as me.


Well... I hope I put a little smile on your faces... things like these happen, although is not very funny, but it is not the end of the world. This coffee shop have to re-consider their business approach if they want to stay here. We are not in Beverly Hills or on 5th Ave Manhattan. Get this straight people!!!!


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I don't drink coffee so not sure about the price of that but for the cakes as you say thats upscale manhattan prices and for me over the top

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Crazy, not in this neighborhood, I don’t know what they are thinking.

I suspect they won't last too long then

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Hey, a walk around a pastry shop is still a walk! 😁

It looks like a really nice shop!

We don’t always pays for the quality but sometimes also for the location or decoration!
Guess this was the case here!