Wednesdaywalk at the beach- Beachwednesday!

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Happy Wednesday /Humpday my peeps!

Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful week, much joy and blessings 🤗

Been a busy week for me so I haven't posted as much, but here is one that I haven't done in a while and looking back at pictures from the summer and beaches.... Just makes me smile and looking forward to warmer weather 😊

So here's my submission to the #beachwednesday by @lizanomadsoul
#wednsdaywalk by the amazing @Tattoodjay
And also a sublimsunday by my dear friend @c0ff33a

Pictures taken at the beach near our summer house and it's a favorite place to go for walk in the summer!


There's no real summer for me without this place 😊


Also amazing place to hang out with my big family, cousins and aunts... Getting together! Love that!



Here's some other beach pictures from walks last summer... Makes me miss the walks and looking forward to get to the beach again 😊


Walking by the beach is such a happy feeling and so peaceful!


Sunsets are another amazing wiew that just makes me smile, and mother nature is so generous with her variation of art in nature!



Evening walks is the best and if there's a sunset even more so 😊
I know you feel me there @Tattoodjay 😉


That was my choice of pictures for this Wednesday and I hope you enjoyed it as much
as I did 😊 always nice to look back at pictures that makes you smile and give you the Good feelings.. Vibes 😍


I hope you all are having a fantastic evening my peeps, and THANK YOU for your amazing love and support 😊 means the world to me!


You guys make this place a Home ❤️

💕Find a little something to be thankful for each day, makes a happy Heart 💕

Proud Member of the best family ❤️

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Amazing group of people that inspire me #steemsilvergold ⭐〰️⭐

I Loove playing @steemmonsters and are totally addicted.. Lol


Amazing creation of @liberty-minded

Vote for the amazing @enginewitty ❤️
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Vote for the sweet @c0ff33a

Amazing badass gifs by the lovely @snook ❤️

Always brings smiles to people😊Show her some Love

Me in sim gif by @snook 💕

Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it!🌹

20180629_201507 (1).jpg

@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! 🤗 Remember Every day is a #haturday

I'm now on Twitter to

©️ All pictures are my own and by my Samsung galaxy

Much Love to @enginewitty for this badass banner 💋

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Best of luck in the contests! I saw the beaches and had to come take a look. And? What a pleasure it was to see your gorgeous images!! Wow 💙💚🌊🎶🧡 what a treat! The beach is everything!! My whole heart🎶🌊❤


Aww.. Thank you so much sweetie 🤗
Your comment made me smile Bigtime and I'm so glad you liked it 😉👍
The beach is just my favorite place to take pictures, during the days with the sun and the beautiful ocean.
At evenings and nights.. To capture the sunsets or the moons reflection in the water 😍
Just so peaceful place to be.
Thank you for your kind words and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Much love 🤗🌹💕💞

Such amazing beaches, the sand looks so absolutely perfect and the ocean so very blue.

I really love the colours in the evening photos, so beautiful they look really stunning.

Amazing photographs, I’m looking forward to summer as well 🤗

#thealliance #witness

What a beautiful beach both in the daylight and at sunset beaches are my favorite place to walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

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So beautiful @saffisara! It does look very peaceful and I think I could get lost in that sunset!!

Very nice weather! Enjoy ;)

There I go again, thinking of my vacation again. And SPF 100, I burn easy, real easy.

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Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing the beautiful view!

The blues, then the oranges.... so mesmerising

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Nothing more smoothing and peaceful taking a walk on the beach the beach is my life i can't be far from a beach and what beautiful photos of your beach just stunning :)

Have a great weekend my friend big hugs and lots of love :)

Dang! Must be nice kickIn it on the beach.....Like a Boss!

Your photos have me craving time away on a beach so much right now! They're gorgeous!


Awww... I didn't mean to tease you 😊.. Ohh wait... That's EXACTLY what I meant to 😂😂 hahaha

I love the beach and walking along the water and taking pictures and just inhale the atmosphere 😊 glad you liked it my sweet friend 🤗

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Much love 💖💕🌹

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