Wednesday Walk up Anaheim Street in Long Beach California

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#wednesdaywalk By @tattoodjay

I broke the rules and took these from my car. This street is a little bit of a time warp to the old Long Beach and actually like a lot of older cities used to look like. Early morning here is quiet and kinda nice.





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Grateful! Thank you

Well its very hard to break the rules since i don't have any just guidelines ;)

It is like you took us back in time

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I remembered that and thought i would post these. There are parts of Long Beach that are really old ish. They are places that i'm afraid to walk around taking photos in.

A shame when a city has areas you don’t feel safe to walk around there are areas like that here as well

Most big cities have them. There's so much i would love to photograph there. Lots of old buildings and small markets and shops. I do it once and awhile with my phone. My big camera and telephoto really draws attention...Right now it's way too hot too.

Yes your right most cities do have areas that are not so welcoming, I now avoid them , but when I was younger i would visit them but carrying an expensive camera and lens would not be too sensible

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That does look very quite what's going on did the Alien Ships take them all away is that why you didn't get out of your 🤣

It was early and the stores were just opening. But it might have been aliens! seemed that way 👀 👀 👀

Lovely early morning "walk!" I love being out and about when nobody else is too.

That's a good look at part of the city sir rossfletcher. It looks ancient. lol.

Thanks! It's a pretty interesting area. I'd like to take more but i'm not ok with walking around there...

oh, because the area is unsafe?


Thank you sir rossfletcher, one of the shortest comments I've ever gotten. lol. That's too bad about that part of town.

: )

That's my shortest. I don't have an easy time commenting, captioning and all that. I wish it didn't seem like i'm uninterested or unfriendly. I think it might seem that way to many people. My gift is images. You never hear anyone get upset at Steinbeck or Hemingway for not being great illustrators of their books. This whole social media is really overwhelming in it's demands. Imagine Picasso having to blog? I bet some people would get torn a new new one for being fools. Haha.

If you met me in person you would find that i talk too much and it would probably shock you! :) would talk my head off? That's so interesting. I agree, it's tough to come up with captions for so many photos and posts, post titles are the toughest for me.

I think you're doing great though and in just a short time of seeing your posts people understand how you work and that you aren't trying to be an I think that works.

Thank you :) I appreciate it !