Treasures in the Very Ordinary Walk Around the Block

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Everything seems a treasure find this week. I'm practicing focusing on the little things, and like any practice, it becomes easy to focus on the awesome things rather than the negative all the time. Sure, it's freezing, and my Dad's struggling with his illness, and Solar Victoria are assholes for wanting facial recognition to process an application for a rebate, but man, there's many beautiful things in this world to celebrate!

A few days ago I wrote a post about starting a new tag on Steemit called #treasurefinds. It was really cool to see so much positive reception. Most people agreed that these little finds are about the heart - the little things that make your heart sing! I've been thinking about little heart treasures all week, and tonight I walked out into the icy afternoon to find that my evening walk was full of beautiful treasures. @tattojay, upon hearing my woes that I haven't been on an 'interesting' walk for a while, suggested that my 'usual' walk might be interesting for others, but what I found was it was super interesting to me, just because I was seeing it through a different observational lens.

The council have planted a whole heap of new trees that line the path. This is just wonderful. In around five years time those trees are going to be huge shade trees, making our summer 'whip around the block' far more pleasant.


One day, in the far future, maybe they'll be as big as this old tree. We rang the local indigenous group about this one, because we think it's a tree they would have used to smoke eels or even birth children. They were thrilled to know of it's existence as it's another link to culture and history.

I'm not sure why I have never seen this tree before, given I walk this walk all the time, especially after work near dark - a quick 25 minutes to get my heart rate up and clear my head. Perhaps it's just the light and the rain we've had, but it was glowing positively blue. I'd love to lightbox this one a little to bring out the colour but I don't know how. Anyone want to have a go for me? I love the bark on these particular gums.



There are also many gum flowers blossoming too - the birds are going nuts for them. It might be cold, but Spring is around the corner, and don't they know it. I've even seen a few bees about.


If you'd like to use the #treasurefinds tag, you'll be in the running to win 50 Steem. As things are slow at the moment, I'm going to collect all them in a post draft and make a decision when I hit 50 #treasurefinds posts, even if that takes til Christmas. You can post anything you like - from charity shop finds to gemstones, old family photos hidden in attics to a plant pushing up from the concrete in the middle of a city, to an old book you've been searching for for years, to a collection of ammonites and feathers on a windowsill. As long as it's a 'find' and makes your heart jump for joy, it's in the running. You can read the original post here.


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Woah, how gorgeous! I love those trees.

Funny how treasure isn't always something we can take and hoard in a chest underground. Sometimes we just look at it and share it so everyone else can look at it too. 💚

I'm glad spring is coming for y'all. I'm glad fall is coming for us. Everything is always in transition.

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I'm like my Dad - I tend to get uber excited and tell everyone.

Transitions are good. We are currently freezing and feeling crap and needing spring to warm our bones.

I know what you're feeling. Kinda. Feels like yesterday I was in winter and bumming hard.

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haha I love thisss. It is all about finding gratitude with the little things in life :)

Very nice post... yeah, it all depends at how one sees the things and even the small ones are the most we treasure. We discover a lot of wonderful things around us, the ones that we have never bother to look into details before...cheers to the tag #treasurefinds!!!

Thankyou! I will look forward to your own treasurefinds post!

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What a great tag! #treasurefind and lovely photos for your walk!

Well you are the queen of tags my dear and have completely inspired me to start my own! Things are a little quiet at the moment so I thought this would be a nice little joyful reason to post. Hope you can join in!

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I bet I will be! Ha! Queen of tags. 😂🤣😂

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That tree sure looks amazing and I’m liking the #treadurefinds concept and contest a lot. Will surely keep it in mind for future posts :>)


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i want those trees. i want my camera and a macro and at least an hour

I want trees
a camera, a macro
at least an hour

I love the idea of the treasurefinds tag and I must try to remember it there are so many little things that if one is open to looking they will find them and often small little things that just make us smile and with all the negativity in the world these days and with peoples personal issues a little thing that makes us smile can be a big thing

Thing as years go by you will see these new trees growing that will be cool

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I really think #Wednesdaywalks help us focus on the positive in the world! You are so right. So much negativity yet there is so much beauty and loveliness too. It would be so cool if you could share a #treasurefinds... gonna pester everyone til it takes off and we are all focussing on the wonderful treasures in our everyday lives!

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I think its a great idea, I do have shots I could probably use for a treasurefinds post, but I am funny in a way when I see a new tag I like to go out and find shots specific for the post and thats what I will be doing on my walks in the coming days and I will for sure do a post soon and fully support the idea I think its brilliant

Liked the blue gum tree! Glad you found new treasures. :))

Oh!!!! I'm in!!! I think #treasurefinds is such an awesome tag! I wish I had thought of it myself! ;)

No, truly, there is so much in life that we can choose from!!! Thanks for the heads up on this new tag!

Have a most awsome day!


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Oh that is a beautiful area to walk in - so happy that you are seeing things through a different lense and sharing that! I just took the time to go explore and wander in the forest behind my house and I found some wonderful treasures! I'll have to put the #treasurefinds tag on that post for my heart was surely singing as I discovered more and more often unseen treasures in the woods!

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