Wednesday Walk - Making New Horse Friends and Last of the Wildflower Blooms...

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More and more signs of the changing season are starting to show with many of the wildflowers that adorned the field and the sides of the road, going to seed. This makes me more appreciative of the ones remaining, beautifying the ditches like the asters, yarrow, some goldenrod and even a few hyssop although most of these had gone to seed!

Some of the Last Wildflowers Still Blooming in the Ditch

closeup of hyssop and last of goldenrod and fleabane in ditch.JPG

Asters and Yarrow Still Blooming Strong

combo yarrow aster and hyssop good.JPG

Asters Goldenrod and Hyssop

last of blooms hyssop goldenrod fleebane grass seed heads.JPG

The blooms seem to be holding on longer than usual I think because of the moist weather we've been having.

A recent rain sent us down a different route for our #WednedayWalk and I'm happy it did for we had an encounter with our neighbor's friendly horses!

Friendly Horses Coming to Greet Me

3 Jeremys horses looking at me by fence good.JPG

Soon one more came over to check what was going on - they were so friendly!

One More Friendly Horse Joins the Group

4 Jermeys horses by fence good.JPG

I really enjoyed having a visit with them and they couldn't seem to get enough attention!

Actually there were five horses but one was a little stand offish. When he did finally come over the others would push him away.

5 of My Neighbor's Horses With the Good Looking Younger One in the Foreground

neighbors horses good pic young horse with white face.JPG

The young one was so cute and friendly!

I no longer keep horses so I was happy to have my neighbor's horses to visit!

All photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX 60HS

Thanks for stopping by!

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The pastures are still pretty with blooms, seeing horses how lovely to stop and have a chat with them @porters any animal are a highlight when out walking.

Nice i like its nose stripe. Reminds me of my mongolian horsehead fiddle.

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Your walks are the best @porters. I get relaxed looking and reading about them.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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My yarrow is long gone here.

When you had horses, how many and what breeds?

There was five horses there the blck ones seemed to have some Belgium in them and the others possibly some quarter horse. I don't recognize them as a pure bred of any type!

A sweet walk in nature. Horses? Mother Nature's cosmic nudge to "get on your horse and get moving somewhere?"

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I love horses my son's girl friend has three of them and they are always so friendly and them wild flowers look so colorful :)

Such beautiful flowers and then the horses what a cool walk post thaks for sharing and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

How fun to find friendly horses along the way :) So often they just shy away, not wanting to be bothered. I guess they sense you love them. We used to have a llama farm nearby, it was always fun to visit them. Love your beautiful wildflowers @porters

So great to take a walk in nature and to meet up with unexpected blessings my friend.
Those horses look in good nick and they are very tame.

I love horses, it was nice to see photos and videos)

Oh my, the horses are beautiful! I really love that picture with the young darker horse in the foreground. What a pose. He’s a beauty! Really enjoyed your WednesdayWalk!

It just looks so peaceful there and I love how you took your photos. It must have been fun to pet the horses. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great week ahead

What a pleasant wednesdaywalk there. Everything looks so peaceful and even the horses are very calm and friendly. I guess the environment makes them very happy too.

I love walking every day and noticing the little changes

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