Wednesday walk challenge # Organised by @tattoodjay # Wednesday walk in my hometown

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Hello friends,
Let's walk with me at my hometown. My hometown is just 60 km away from Pune city, Maharashtra. It was a lovely small town surrounded by sahyadri mountain. My village is best place for me to spend let's see some photographs which I took specially for this Wednesday walk challenge
It is a small river of my village we called it "Panvatha" it's my all time favourite place of my village. Lots of wild animals come here to drink water at every evening and you can always see very different kind of birds around here.
Now it's a rainy days that's why river filled with muddy water. This walk reminds me my childhood days when I was always come here with my father
Some farms and mountain covered by clouds
I have taken this all photos in my mobile camera. It was a lovely environment there🌧🌧
Beautiful raindrops on grass which is growing on an old house brick.
This is something new for me because I don't know anything about this unique grass but it looks so cute !!
Then I saw one grasshopper was having his dinner 😉
This is wild flowers, beautiful, isn't it?
So I share my Wednesday walk with you guys. I hope you all will like my hometown.
Thank you @tattoodjay for this lovely contest 🌷


Wow, very touching moments of your hometown, very mesmerise photography, all the very best for this contest 👍👍

Thank you so much dear 😊🌹

Wow ... This is so beautiful nature in your village and nice photography @mrunalini.....!

Thank you so much sir 😊

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Thanks 😊

Villages are always beautiful. Nice photography and good post.

Thanks friend 😊


very beautiful nature sharings @mrunalini , where is the place ?

Thanks friend 😊 my hometown is in Pune district , Maharashtra.

A lovely walk @mrunalini. Your hometown is beautiful . Thanks for sharing. 😊

Thank you so much friend 😊

So green in your beautiful area, some awesome photos :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!

Thank you so much sir @tattoodjay 😊 I am glad that you like my blog. Thanks again 🌷

This is beautiful photograph...

Thanks friend 😊 @tussar11


Thanks friend 😊

wow ...
nice pics.
the beautiful wild .

Just beautifull Nature. I hope you take care of the river and keep it clean !

Thanks friend for being here and your lovely comment.

which place in Pune you went for walk.

Thanks for a wonderful and beautiful walk!

Thank you so much friend for being here 😊

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