Wednesday Walk - Short Stint At The Wasserpark (21st District, Vienna)

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The Wasserpark, Vienna


Hello Dear Steemians!

This is going to be my first share at today´s Wednesday Walk hosted by @tattoodjay. I knew I had to pass-by the Park, it is adjascent to the Clinic I had appointment with and after the yearly check-up, glad to know that everything is ok. So the place is sort of a recreational area free for everyone to enjoy. For me it is one of the most enjoyable places, you´ll immediately feel the good vibes of everything nature. There are hundreds of old trees, young ones and tall ones. This is a special park where the kids have their own playground, the older ones with the fitness area and sitting area fronting the various ponds created for the birds.

The Old Trees


As I passed-by a different way to see the birds, I entered the entrance where huge and centuries old trees (am not sure its name but they look like white birch trees) paved the way to the lagoon where swans, ducks, doves are located. It seems they do not leave the place because for them, this is paradise, park visitors bring along some bread cubes, corns to feed the birds. In Spring & Summer, this is prohibited since the birds are capabale of finding their own food during warmer seasons, they are not held captive so that they can fly where they want to. The city admins close their eyes and let people do the feeding. Unless you are seen by a police officer, they might just tell you to stop feeding and might not reprimand you nor mention about a penalty.


This is to show the width of one of the centuries-old trees.


The Birds And The Lagoon

I haven´t seen many birds today compared to the last visit I made when it was still cold last Spring. The birds that I saw today seemed to be the mainstay of the pond. There were swans but they were in some other lagoon where there are much more commotions of visitors like kids playing on the grass with their parents, old people simply sitting and throwing bread cubes to them.




The Park Flowers

This is the lovely bed of flowers that is found at the Main Entrance of the park. The various flowers always change when the Season changes. My favorite time of the year to visit this Park is Spring when the trees start to develop its leaves and the buds of Spring flowers begin to grow and eventually open.



So I´ll end up my post here and in the meantime....I am Wishing all of you a lovely Wednesday evening!


Banner by @grenmayo


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This park is surely enjoyable with its lovely flowerbeds, big old trees, waterplace, and of course the ducks families ! ;-)

Yeah, the ducks are funny to look at , how they move as a group as if they are all one family... they seem to have a follow the leader concept, once the lead fellow go , they all went trailing him and it´s all fun to see them falling in line.... Lol!

Glad everything went well for your checkup 👍
And what a lot very park those old trees are so big and nice to see some birds and flowers

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

What a lovely walk through the park! I had my annual physical this week too, and it is a relief to know that everything is still working fine! Once again, I'm happy you are back!

Thank you so much dear Melinda. Happy too to see you all guys here on esteem. Am I still able to send my entry to the shadow contest? Not sure of the deadline...guess I have to look at the rulers again... Have a happy Thursday!

Yes! Do enter... You have 20 hours or so! I'm busy collecting my eSteem Tokens....

You know, I think those trees are gum trees? Have a look again at the post I did today and the bark. Do you think it's similiar?

Yeah I was doubting myself because the leaves are different from the usual birch tree I know and the trunks were smooth... Perhaps you are right... I´ll be asking the gardeners when I visit the park again. Thanks!

See if you can get a leaf and crush it - if it smells like eucalyptus, you're there! I'm always fascinated by gums growing in Europe!

Oh I would have to try that nrct time I´d go there... Thanks!

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That is such a beautiful park! I love those trees, but I never saw them here in Canada, yet I did see them in New York. Beautiful photos my Dear 😍