A Stroll Along Torrox Beach Promenade Made My Wednesday Walk

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Hi Everyone!

After a three-week eye therapy, I had to leave homebase for our winter vacation in Andalusia.. I had to go to an eye specialist to remove the therapeutic contact lens that repaired the damaged cornea from a gardening mishap that happened the last week of September... Thank God, everything is fine and the right eye is now a 100% ok. I got ointment prescriptions but had to wait til I get to the drugstore to get the medicine. And while waiting for the drugstore to open, I took a stroll.


The Promenade

I was supposed to meet my german girlfriend after the control inspection at the eye clinic, but she didn´t make it since she had a problem with her car´s tires. So I went to the promenade which is just about a couple of hundred meters away from the clinic. The beach is being cleaned and the sand levelled to prepare for the colder temps. The water is cold as I deemed because no one dared to swim. It can also become colder here along the coast during winter months but it is always warmer by around 10°C than most of central European countries.




I got a delicious ice cream from an ice cream parlor, enjoyed it while viewing the passers-by while sitting on the bench overlooking the blue water. Most retirees have now come back to Andalusia and are also taking their winter vacation here. The sun umbrellas are still standing because tourists still hire them just to relax on the beds and enjoy the calm water.


Torrox Costa has a 9 kilometer - coastline and divided into diverse beaches The coastline is parallel to the old N-34, the coastal road from Malaga to Nerja on the East side.


You may see tourists here that are still wearing shorts which means that at the time of this writing, our weather is still mild and warm. Most retirees that come back during the winter time have their own apartment or some own properties inlasnd in the campo.


I walked further towards the Lighthouse to reach the pharmacy, got my prescriptions and drove home,,, Hope you enjoy the images and the view.

GIF by @gremayo

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Glad your eye is back to 100% and how refreshing to see such a beautiful area that looks so warm and welcoming
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

  ·  22 days ago (edited)

Hello! I am glad too that I could join Wednesday Walk again.. I couldn´t do so much with such eye the last 4 weeks... Thank you so much!

Glad to have you back :)