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There are benefits to being discarded by the corporate world when one reaches a certain age, and that is having the freedom to take breakaways in the off-peak season.
We have been doing quite a bit of that of late as some of my friends have noticed :)
Post retirement we do run our own little bnb Lily's Cottage and having excellent staff we can leave them in charge, but come peak season, it's all hands on deck!
So I will be sharing with you what will be a walk on our last little breakaway for quite a while, sure you will enjoy it!

What could this be sitting on the rocks? I'll tell you a little later...
Down on the south coast of Kwazulu Natal is a little coastal village called Glenmore Beach, an old-time favourite haunt of our family for years already. Perfect for anglers as there are enormous rocks to the south of the resort we stayed at, with a lagoon and lovely swimming beach with white sands to the north. Miles of walking can be done here along the paths, with rock pools where one finds mussels and oysters, wooden benches in memory of loved ones sitting atop the rocks, and a lovely sandy beach for collecting sea shells and a ship wreck to boot.
Glorious sunrise greeted us each morning on the east coast of Africa, note a ship was sailing past on the horizon one morning as the sun came up.


IMG_20190711_070202 (1).jpg


Many indigenous plants grow in the beautifully kept gardens of Glenmore Sands which is a stone's throw from the beach.


Rocks galore for the fishermen - we missed the annual sardine run which this coastal region is famous for, but were fortunate to get some shad for the pan, and what a treat that was!



Walking down to the sandy beach, we first encounter the lagoon, easy to cross at low tide to get to the beach.
There were still signs of the storms of earlier this year with large uprooted trees lying on the beach.
Walking towards the shipwreck - the Nightingale, a fishing vessel that ran aground in 1933; all that's left of it now is the boiler which sits on the rocks. One can still pick up pieces of porcelain after heavy seas.
Loads of old photographs hang on the walls of the Glenmore Sands which is the home of the Nightingale Restaurant where one finds the very best Prawn Curry on the whole of the South Coast!
A lovely little bay for swimming or fishing.

And now to Make You Smile some signs a little further north on the same coast.



In the pub called the Wrecked Heron:


Quirky sign in the ladies restroom.

This has been my post for WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile, a collaboration between that wonderful photographer and awesome Steemian @tattoodjay and the lovely @elizacheng - so check it out if you'd like to join Wednesday Walk Challenge and Make Me Smile, hope you enjoyed walking with me!

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I absolutely loved the beach and ocean pictures. I always say just give me the beach and the ocean and I am a happy man. That sunset was gorgeous. It was playing hide and seek with the clouds. :)

Well, heck that, I am brushing all my teeth. :P That one got me laughing. lol

LOL make sure you brush them all ;);) It looked so lovely with the sun hiding behind the clouds!
Thank you for your lovely comments @awakentolife!

Lol I will brush them all. Maybe it is for the best. 😆

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What a precious post @lizelle! Those photos of the posts are breathtaking! The sunsets and sunrises, wow! I could just sit for hours on the rocks and beaches. This would be an amazing retirement spot, lol :) Truly magical!

It is a very special place! When I was a child this used to be one of my family's favourite fishing haunts, even my mom was a keen angler. I used to just explore, love the beach!

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Wow! The sunrise is really beautiful! Thanks for joining WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile! "Free range children"... 😅
This is a great WALK and SMILE!

That's also my favourite sign, thank you for #makemesmile @elizacheng :)

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Wow thank you so very much, really appreciate this!

Loved this post and walk such a beautiful range of shots, I am looking forward to when I retire and can plan visiting places in the quiet times

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Ah thank you for this opportunity @tattoodjay! It really is great going places in the quiet times, your time is coming ;)

Ohh yes not too long away for me 😎👍😎

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Once again a great post, I love all the photos, and now I need to visit that restaurant to test that curry!!

I do hope you get there some time @rynow, but be sure to book beforehand and check opening times, it's closed on Mondays ;)

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Another great post and outing Lizelle, some gorgeous views, great walks anywhere in the outdoors.

Shad is a wonderful fish to eat fresh, what a treat! Also always enjoy some of the quirky signs seen around, it does make one smile.

I just love the South Coast Joan and Shad is just the best! Most of those signs were at the Happy Wanderers Caravan Park's Wrecked Heron pub ;)

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Wow thank you @joanstewart, much appreciated! Proudly South African!

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@lizelle, i enjoyed watching and reading the post - the landscapes are superb! unfortunately, I didnt 100% get the humour on the tablets, except the one in the ladies restroom :-)

Glad you enjoyed it @qwerrie, I think if you take into account that the last two are signs in a pub, you will get it ;)

well, I am not a native speaker...
does 'wrecked' means 'stoned', i.e. drunken?

I thought so @qwerrie, that's totally correct! The one about free range children also is funny because that's used for livestock like chickens that's kept in natural conditions, one never refers to people like that :)
Nice meeting you @qwerrie!

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thank you very much for explaining about free range chicken! hehe. funny, indeed.

LOL I enjoyed that one too :)

Love the signs and how blessed are you to have this view every day

That was our view on holiday, wish I did have that every day ;) Thank you so much for your support @anneke!

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