Wednesday Walk - Tree Exhibition

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Hello dear Steemian friends, it is my short walk to go to Agarga in Dhaka to see tree exhibition with my family and thanks @tattoodjay for sponsoring #wednesdaywalk challenge. It is great opportunity to post here what you see around your short walk.

I like flowers so i like to go any tree exhibition of my area. It is one kind of beauty of the nature. There are some pretty flowers and giving advise about tree cultivation system. I have passed some beautiful moment to see and buy trees. Today is chance to present wednesdaywalk challenge hence i am sharing it. Have a nice weekend everyone.











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Thanks for sharing these beautiful plants
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Its my pleasure to present your contest and thanks a lot my respectful tattodjay.


I love seeign all the walks from around the globe each week :)

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Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Your Wednesday walk @kamrunnahar is love filled! Those flowers 💐 are so beautiful, and of course you know what flowers stands for!

Thanks @tattoodjay for introducing this wonderful and healthy lifestyle.

Let’s walk the walk!

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