Wednesday Walk - Few beautiful cottage in the park

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Hello dear Steemian friends, it was my short walk to go to see few beautiful cottage in the park and thanks my dear @tattoodjay for sponsoring #wednesdaywalk challenge. It is great opportunity for me to post here what i can see around my short walk.

It is one kind of pretty park with small cottage. These are catching and colorful. If anyone want to walk near in this cottage road, he or she will eager to see what it is. It is a small pretty cottage and anybody can rest here for a while.





At last, i saw a beautiful boat in the pond with Lily flowers. Then nature looks cool and fresh so i share it today's wednesday walk.


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That cottage is so colorful and inviting and I love the Lilly pond

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thanks your compliment.


MOst welcome

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