Wednesday Walk for Oct 30, 2019

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This was how my #wednesdaywalk began this morning, about 06:50am


The "Stressed" part, was the fact that I drove all the way there, IN THE DARK, IN THE RAIN, avoiding any interstate.
I don't drive at night for a reason, every headlight, taillight, street light or sign, makes a ⭐, and when the road is wet, then every ⭐ is reflected, making it VERY difficult and dangerous for me to judge distances.🌠
Crazy rain 1.JPG
I had an 8 am appointment for a surgery consult, in a part of town I've
Never driven in before.
Wrong lane again.JPG
WRONG LANE AGAIN (I skipped left, making an improper and illegal
Lane change)
Skip the interstate.JPG
I absolutely refuse to take the interstates when it is like this, when
I have a deadline, because if something happens ahead of you,
You're stuck in a pipe with no way out.
Missed the free parking lot.JPG
When I finally got there, I missed the free parking lot
TWICE. I finally got a ticket, but they validated it for me in
The Dr's office before I left.

From the window after I'd seen the surgeon

Don't everyone go freaking out on me.
The "Winship Cancer Center" just happens to be where the
General Surgery department is located.
I have an 'Umbilical Hernia' that needs to be repaired

Then I came home, but I had to go to the Post Office first

To send a letter to a company that was sent to Eddie Smith
At my present address. I've gotten about 11 letters FORWARDED
to me from my old apartment building.
Apparently Mr Smith lives on the 13th floor (I lived on the 10th)
We cannot understand what Gremlin is in the USPS system
Causing this to happen.
Doing my best to do a good deed (these were all related to this
Gentleman's retirement funds) I called the company, they asked
Me so send the letter they'd sent HERE back to them, so I did.

Then I went to Kroger

And now I'm home. But the gremlins followed me home.
I went to scan the document the Surgeon gave me to give
To the VA, and my Multifunction printer/scanner gave me
This crap

Since I'd not had reason to use this device since getting my
New PC, it didn't have the drivers needed for me to be able
To scan from my desktop. That bloody error message kept
My eyes diverted, making take three times as long to get
My task accomplished.

Since it IS the correct ink cartridge, and I DID jump through
All their hoops, they are sending me a new yellow cartridge.

And THUS ends my

"Wednesday Walk" for Oct 30, 2019

Jerry E Smith

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

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I didnt used to mind driving in any condition whenI was younger but ow it I an avoid when its dark and wet I did for the same reasons as you, sounds like an eventful day
And wishing you all he best for your surgery when that comes around

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yeah, when I was young I could drive all day and night. I once drove
19 hrs across Tex from Midlands, then across LA, Miss, and Almost
All the way across Ala, before I stopped to snooze for a few
Minutes. No way in hell could I do that now.
Thanks for the comment and support JJ
@tattoodjay, you're the best!

Yeah the same for me I did some long road trips but not any more

One of my friends suggested I rent a car, and take a week or two or three, fly into Denver, rent the car, then drive up into the Pacific NW, back down to the
"Four Corners" region (Bryce Canyon, Chaco canyon etc etc) I have friends in
Tucson I haven't seen in years, and THAT place has changed a lot... but I just
Don't know.

I would love when I retire to get a smaller RV and just cruise wherever for a year or two, but with my wifes health thats not an option for us

That is sad for the both of you.

Yes but we will find other things to do :) you adjust to what you are given :)

This is true. That is the key, I think. To find happiness wherever you
Find yourself, at any given moment, in whatever circumstances.
But OH! how difficult that is to accomplish. It is for me
At any rate. No matter how many good things come my
Way, they always seem to be followed right away
By things that are "Vexations to my spirit" as
The Psalmist says. I vent my anger and
Frustration on totally innocent folks
On the phone, then feel badly
About myself, knowing
Full well that I
AM a good