Wednesday Walk: Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis

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If you’re not familiar with Wednesday Walk hosted by @tattooedjay, be sure to visit his blog and check out the #wednesdaywalk tag. This is only my second week of involvement but I’m already addicted! As an #actifit member I’m always looking for great walking opportunities anyway, so it’s a great fit.

Last weekend my husband and I ventured out on our first walk of the season around Lake of the Isles. We pretty much give it up in the winter because the pathways get covered in snow and ice! So it was wonderful to get back to it.

(As an aside, we are experiencing a major snowfall today, so I will not be out walking!)

Come on along on our walk. It was a cool, misty early evening and dusk turned almost to dark by the time we finished our second spin around the lake.


There are some lovely old benches along the edge of the path.


Who’s this? A redwing blackbird! You could hear them calling from the rushes all around the lake.


We got too close and he flew!


There’s a beautiful old stone church near the lake’s edge.


As you can see, the foliage is still brown. We won’t see green until May!


We had a very cold winter and there is still a lot of ice. Some geese were trotting around out there.


People need to be warned not to venture out. We are past that risk now that you can see open water but every year there are a few weeks when it looks safe and it’s not!



Theres a pretty railing around one edge where there’s a steep drop-off.


The canoes have been brought out for the coming warm days.




We saw a lot of industrious little muskrats!


The daylight was fading! The mist came in and we looked to the city skyline for one last picture before getting into our warm car.


Thanks for joining me for my Wednesday Walk! Oh, I mentioned it’s actually snowing today. Here’s the view from my office right now.


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What a beautiful place to walk @jayna

It still looks a little chilly though. Warm weather is coming! 😁


I hope so! We’ve had snow all day!

What a great walk! I haven't seen a red winged black bird yet. Spring is coming!

It takes time for spring to emerge here in the Twin Cities, but it’s glorious when it does!

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We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you sooooo much! Feeling the love! ❤️❤️❤️

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I went to UWRF near there loved visiting the city. Beautiful place!

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Minneapolis really is a spectacular city. The culture and night life are amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog, @balticbadger.

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Went to a few clubs downtown can't remember the names except for ”Gay 90s” was so much fun just confused about which bathroom to use haha. Hope to visit again one day, Minneapolis I mean! Your blog of course too!

Hello Jayna Madam,

Enjoyed this blog post right from the beginning till the end. Beautifully captured pics, in between, added pep to it.

So, a soak in the Lake....of Isles beauty is enough to make our minds rejuvenate!

Take a Bow, @jayna Madam.

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Thank you very much, @marvyinnovation!

Welcome @jayna Madam.....

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What a lovely place, or maybe the way you capture the photos? But there is a pervasive sense of calmness and of being able to breathe.... Really, such a great Wednesday walk post ! I feel soothed and much calmer now that I've stumbled upon this post :D

Thanks, @verysoider. What a lovely comment!

What a beautiful area for a walk, lovely scenery and some cool sights

Sorry to hear your getting hit again with the snow

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

PS I will be back to resteem in a little while

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Yeah... we always get one more last hurrah snowfall in April! Almost without fail. It’s quite pretty, though!

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We have had April snowfall a few times, and me may still get one but I am kind of hoping we dont

It usually melts quickly this time of year!

Hopefully some warmer days will melt it all away quickly

Snowing??? OMG, I do NOT miss Minnesota!

Ha ha! Get up here and visit, @enginewitty!

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Hello Jayna Madam,

Enjoyed this blog post right from the beginning till the end. Beautiful pics in between added pep to it.

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Aww! Sweet! Thank you, @tattoedjay!

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It seems to be a nice place for walking. But I would prefer warmer days. Hope spring comes soon to your area. We luckily have already warmer days.

Looks like a lovely spot for a walk! We hit 82 here in Atlanta yesterday, so it is crazy to think about how many spots were getting snow at the same time! Hope it melts off quickly so you can enjoy the springtime soon!