Wednesday Walk | Visit to IKEA Damansara #1

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One of my favorite walking or should I say window shopping is at IKEA Damansara. Every time I go there, I would always end up buying something for home, if not I would definitely dine at IKEA Family Dining or something! Let's just say they always make me spend $$ in their store, no matter what.


In my recent trip back home, my hubby brought me there, knowing that my trip would not be complete without a visit to my favorite store ☺️ Walking into the store was just great. I almost forgot how it felt to be surrounded by the most efficient and practical home store with the best interior designs created for homes, be it big or small.


Just look at the sight of the bedroom designs & decorations set before us. All spaces are maximize to the fullest and the color combinations are just right. I've been told that the ID team by IKEA travels from one outlet to another every month to help create new ideas for their customers. And their ID & Marketing team is made up of at least 50 people with weekly task to create new ideas to enhance the store.

As I'm no creative person, I always enjoy what IKEA Damansara has to offer each time I'm there. And this is just the bedroom section, wait till you see the photos of the other sections that I've taken.

It's just amazing !!


bad gif.gif


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I'm going to visit IKEA soon hehe. Love the way how they equip the kitchen with a little space. Window shopping in ikea is great, at least can achieve 5K steps 😂.

Isn't that your fav home deco store..
I recall Aaron bought all the Allen key tools there right..

ITs been a while since i have been at Ikea, I to love visiting there and the food of course ;)

Thnaks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

It's always so honey and cosy to walk around IKEA. Even if we're not buying anything, it's a good place to get tips on home decor 😊

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Indeed it is I am sure when I move next year I will be making a couple of visits there :)

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Hey babe you back in KL?? @ireenchew I thought u started your new job at HCMC?

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Yes.. I'm back to HCMC alr.
This was a throwback photo when I was in KUL 2 weeks back.
When I was back home, I stayed away from Steemit just so I can spend more time with the boys :)

I've never been to an IKEA store; there is one over an hour away from us and we've walked/drove past it.

You should really check it out.
I think it's all similar. and a good place to get tips on interior deco.

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cool decorations, I mean it's cool the way they're displaying the products. It's like I'm at home. lol
great walk..

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Oooo.. Trust them to upsell everything in a manner that one cannot resist.
There's always something to buy.. no matter how small the item

When I was at IKEA in Taiwan I read a big sign "Välkommen till IKEA" (Swedish). I had travelled a long way from home and one of the first thing I see is a big swedish sign. Strange feeling but nice to eat swedish meatballs even if I was so far away from home.

I do wish that in HCMC has it too..


Haven't been to visit Ikea but I have heard it is so fun. I love the way they merchandise each individual room. Truly a shoppers paradise, and you can have lunch while you're there, lol

It is truly a home store paradise indeed.
I like coming here looking at the new stuff they have.

@ireenchew - we finally got an IKEA store in St Louis (about an hour's drive) and I love that place too. I can get lost (literally) in there. I think they make it like a big maze so that you end up always discovering somewhere you weren't even intending to look at, lol. And I love their cafeteria-style restaurant as well, it's always good food at a good price. Great Wednesday walk!

Ure so right about the maze part 😉
The prices are reasonably fair and there's always something to buy even its the most simplest item for the house.
They seemed to think of something which is of good use.
That's what I like most

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