Wednesday Walk | IKEA Damansara #4

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I know it's 2020 but then I've had so many photos of my favourite home shopping, IKEA; that it would be such a waste not to feature them and remind myself just how much I miss this store.

I really wish that IKEA would open up over here. It would definitely be a lot easier to find things rather than to go shop after shop looking for each and every item.

Wednesday Walk3.png

In my last visit to IKEA, our main objective was clear. Our youngest son was asking for a new alarm clock since the current one broke down. Even with all the high tech around us, he still prefers a good, reliable digital alarm clock. Not that he needed it since he wakes up before the alarm goes off. Maybe it's the sight of having the time around gives him a comfortable feeling.

I know I'm like him too. That's why I got my hubby to bring over 2 digital clocks which I purchased from Lazada. eCommerce is huge in Vietnam but it's all in Vietnamese which is tough for me since I've yet to mastered the language. As such, I've got to have my purchases delivered to my home in Malaysia and then my hubby would bring over for me.

I know it's strange then again, I'm very choosy & a perfectionist at many times :)


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I think when we move later this year I will be doing a few isits to Ikea myself

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I just received news that IKEA may actually open in HCMC...
I'm praying hard that it happens soon

I gather thats even closer for you and would be great :)

I got one with huge numbers coz I am blind as a bat without my glasses LOL

U wld be surprised just how large the numbers are on my digital clock.
And it glows in the dark so I can see each time I open my eyes.. ha ha

I got myself a digital alarm clock too! Although I can use my phone I prefer to turn it off and keep a real alarm clock.

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Yes.. just like me..
some things are best kept in the conventional way..
Not everything must be replaced