Violent storms like painters create a landscape of painterly canvas that has its vision of the picture.

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Hello friends,

Today is Wednesday and we are on the beach again, I think it will be our routine. :)

On the dunes grows beautiful grass, which strangely reminds me of my own country. It might seem that it was rye or millet, something in between :) I lay down for a moment and the sound of grass enslaved me.


Violent storms like painters create a landscape of painterly canvas that has its vision of the picture..

After the storms, which are very frequent now, you can find broken branches on the beaches.

I keep walking, further :)


Spikes that are not visible from afar.

I got to the rocks where the trees grow out which staring into the distance, the sun penetrates through small twigs and creates an enchanted world.


Here we have branches that have spikes, I had to be careful when I climbed the rocks to get a closer look. A tree with spikes is like a small brave knight who tries to defend against the predators who would like to climb and break.

After climbing, I reached an amazing landscape, where the ocean emerged, original and full of energy.

A beautiful morning, a wonderful Wednesday, I started a dazzling miracle of nature. I did not want to move anywhere, majestic water, healed all my moods.

Just look at


On the other side, at the very top of the rocks, civilization.

Boooo :(

Hotels and cottages for rent, I went down the rocks to keep on looking at the muted ocean.


Walking further, inhaling iodine from the ocean :)

I feel fantastic.

Walking Wendesday pushes me to leave the house, thanks to @tattoodjay for a great post idea. I turn the computer off, leave the house and I have my own time.

#WednesdayWalk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay

I vote for them:

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beautifully captured. wowww


Thank you :)

Every picture that you capture is worth full and your second picture may come for windows wall picture.


That is really cool. Thank you

That's a really beautiful place Greg, and you've managed to take some excellent photographs! Well done my friend, greetings and have a nice day 😊


I am glad that you enjoy it and relaxed with me on my walk :)

Have a fantastic day too :)

Thank you.


Thank you Greg, you too and Margaret, have a nice weekend! :)

Amazimg click !!

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Thank you :)

Not only wonderful pictures of your walk but wonderful descriptions that flow and tell the tale of your walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


I think you made my new routine, my friend. It is really relief to feel this way.

Have a great day !!!

AND thank you for the tip :)


My Pleasure ;)

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Amazing photography click ..👌👌

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Thank you :)

Looking at those shots is just outstanding wonderful to see that :D


It was my wonderful day, outside :)

Excellent idea for Wednesday walk :)