Best time and relax spent in my hometown for me. Welcome to the excellent Wednesday Walk.

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Birstonas, developed from the Nemunas and silence of woods, heals not only the body, but also the soul -
the great poet of the nation said about Birstonas.


Birstonas is all green in summer. The Nemunas makes large winding besides Birstonas, surrounding the boscage of a wonderful beauty.



Birstonas resort was famous for its mineral waters having healing features even in the 18th century. Mineral water, coming from the deep earth, is the main prompter of resort’s existence and development.




Quiet, peaceful, decorated with nice flowers and sprouts town is loved not only by Lithuanians but also by people from other countries, especially by those wishing to improve their health.








And everyone is welcome here ❤❤❤

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What a beautiful area for a walk such lovely fresh greens we have a few natural water spas and hot pools back in NZ

For me the most interesting museum is nature.
In every country I admire nature first 🌱🌱🌱

I can relate I am the same, if its a choice between walking anywhere inside and getting out with nature nature will always win for me

I think we are lucky to have resorts near us with natural hot springs. Indeed they have healing powers.

How beautiful it is that resorts are naturally decorated. It makes the experience all the more pleasant.

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We all want to be closer to nature.
The farther we turn to it 🐝