A stroll down the street..

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Just chilling at camp today.. but it's Wednesday so I need to do a #wednesdaywalk post.. there's not much excitement today.. a walk down the dusty street is all I can offer.. let's start with "the view"


Leaving camp for dusty roads ahead..



The neighbors..


This used to be the local bathroom until someone defiled it.. (not me).. although I will admit to using the last of the toilet paper..


This is why it's so dusty here.. the OHV trail runs right along side the road.. ATVs and motorcycles galore..


Which brings us to the highlight of this trip..


just like last week today's highlight is this precariously balanced rock.. about 15 feet high (5 meters)..


Back at camp..

A tired dog is a happy dog..


On that 🎵 I think I hear the hammock calling my name.. its saying "Dave's not here man.."

Peace out y'all.. Dave


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sweet view on that first one! looks like you found much peace and quiet ✌️🏕️ thx for sharing

That view to start with looks a nice spot to be camping all be it with a lot of dirt roads and paths

And another Impressive Rick I wonder how many years decades or centuries it’s been standing there like that

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