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It was a dark rainy day ...
IMG_6119 malo.jpg
... windows were decorated with shape shifting droplets, that looked like some alien organisms besieging the house ...
IMG_5751 samo MALO.jpg
... and I was sitting in front of my PC, fairly uninspired, watching on YouTube some trashy teenage movies from the 80'... thinking about the mysterious appeal of stupidity, the fragility of a sunny state of mind, and the possibility of lazy interstellar voyages through dreaming or by taking some cool, inexpensive drug ... maybe even legal ...
IMG_5860 samoMALO.jpg
... while out there, behind my walls and windows ...
1kishA KAPprvoGIF.gif
... the rain was doing its own thing ... maybe just a job ... or hobby, maybe a vocation ... or destiny.
IMG_6115 samoMALO.jpg
At one point, while one of the local magpies was enjoying the shower on my neighbor's rooftop, I realized that I need a beer ... the epiphany came to me through a very reassuring, wise - sounding inner voice that couldn't be ignored ...
2 KISHA KAP drugoGIF.gif
... so I went for a walk ...
IMG_5737 malo.jpg
... or more precisely - on a journey ... through the small hallway ... where some cats were passing by ...
IMG_5742 samo MALO.jpg
... through the living room ... where one of those cats jumped on the table right before my eyes ...
IMG_5743 samoMALO.jpg
... and another cat was resting near the TV ...
IMG_5744 samo MALO.jpg
... with some military people on the screen ...and then ...
3 KISHA KAP trece GIF.gif
... with the rain still doing its raining in the background ...
IMG_6117 samo MALO.jpg
... and the same magpie still enjoying the shower made of gentle, not to dense swarms of droplets, on the same rooftop as at the beginning of this post ...
IMG_5739 samo malo.jpg
... I entered the kitchen ... and when I opened the fridge ......
MALAC frizider samo MALO.jpg
... I was pretty sure I see a penguin there ... for a moment, at least ... then I realized that is another cat, a very penguin like, black & white cat ... those damn cats are everywhere ! :D ...
IMG_5750 samoMALO.jpg
... after this short but intense almost - a - penguin - encounter, that brought a breath of Antarctic adventure to the journey ...
IMG_5748 samo MALO.jpg
... I finally took what I came for ...
IMG_5748 maloKROP.jpg
... this precious beer can ... that I bought with solid discount in the local supermarket ...
IMG_5862 samoMALO.jpg
... and now ...
IMG_5863 samoMALO.jpg
... I'm drinking and writing this post ... which is almost over - cheers !
As always in these posts on Steemit, the photographs are made by me.


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Very important walk....

Hehe, a vital move :D

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what a cool and fun walk post
I loved this line

shape shifting droplets, that looked like some alien organisms besieging the house

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk


it’s the cats that carry the beer cin cin

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Hehe, I'll put a little barrel on each cat, like those for Saint Bernard dogs just much smaller ... with 13 cats around, maybe there'll be enough beer for a relatively decent glass of beer :D

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