A Walk Through Downtown

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The #WednesdayWalk challenge by @tattoodjay

I usually walk through the park or in the neighborhood where I live. Today I changed my habit and took advantage of the beautiful weather, almost like the summer.

I went for a walk through the city center.


It was not really the center of the city, but because I live in the periphery, any proximity to the central area means an area different from my habits.

In this walk I see most streets,buildings and trees. These make up the beauty of the city. I can show you some of them.
















Above all however are ... cars. They are everywhere, sidewalk, street, parking. They've come to suck us! Even if it's not needed, I will show you a few more.




Fortunately there are flowers and ...





... books!


I cannot say I liked it very much. I remember the city ten years ago. Much better for a walk. Now I'm going back to the parks. At least there are no cars ...


If you want to add something new to your everyday habits then you may want to confess and share memories, passions and other less known things about you. We do that on Saturday in a new challenge called SAM!

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Too much traffic is a problem everywhere, but it looks like a nice city, and the photos are great! resteemed :)


Yes, too much traffic. It is a consequence of the communist period of Romania, when almost no one had a car. After the transition to capitalism and entry into the European Union, the import of cars, especially used cars exploded and everyone wants at least one car. Infrastructure can not handle so many cars now.

you're right: we have a century of cars now. of course it's convenient but ... I liked the buildings in your city and of course very beautiful flowers :)


Thank you! I'm glad you like.

Taking a quiet walk in the park is much more pleasant than being with all the traffic, isn't it? It's fun to see what your city looks like though. Great pictures.


You have right! I rarely go to the central area, thanks!

I can understand wanting to go back to walking through parks I to much prefer then to cities quieter and calming

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


My pleasure! Yes, the calm and the silence ... probably the age makes me want that.


YEs the same for me, :)

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Thank you @tattoodjay and tipu.

I really enjoyed walking through the city streets in your neighbourhood @bluemoon. The buildings are varied and interesting and the Magnolia one certainly caught my attention. The beautiful trees and flowers make such a difference to cityscapes don't they?

Have a fabulous weekend my friend. (U & R )


Thank you, it was a nice weekend. I hope yours was the same! Yes, I think that trees are great for the city.