Colorchallenge Wednesday Yellow : Guest Welcome at Wedding

in wedding •  9 months ago

I have presented here guest welcome decoration at Indian wedding in Yellow and Orange color. The both side of way many welcome boy and girls are standing to warm welcome the guest with flower, soft drinks, vegetarian snacks etc. The different props, the carpet, the lights all are amazing. The hole ambiance is beautiful and lovely. I think you steemians like this decor.....

#colorchallenge Wednesday Yellow : Guest Welcome at Wedding


This is my entry for today's #colorchallenge Wednesday Yellow. This #colorchallenge is initiated by @kalemandra.

look these photos clicked at different angles and zoom


Yellow Color Wedding Steeming

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Suderb collection

wow what a beautiful setting.. i love weddings like this, the colors came out really nice. nice post


Thanks @janrotas for beautiful wow remarks. Thanks for your appreciation.


your welcome @mahta

Beautiful photos, my children are getting married this year and I want to see everything about the decorations, this one is beautiful, I congratulate you.


Thanks @ecxiquia04 for so much exciting lovely comment. I think that you will do very good decoration in your children wedding.

no doubt you attended a beautiful wedding

Beautiful photo.

Brilliant wedding images @mehta sir. How are you? Looks like you are enjoying last now a days at many of the weddings. This new trend of wedding images for the color challenge is just awesome. Really like it.


@beautifulplaces thanks for brilliant comment and wonderful words. Hope you enjoy the #colorchallenge clicks. Keep steeming......

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Wow this is beautiful...I love the settings.

Just beautiful!How pretty the yellows came about with the lighting and all!!! I just followed you, my friend. ANd I look forward to seeing the other colors of the week! Have a great day, take care.


Thanks @silversaver888 for all. Your comment is more than wow for me.
Have a wonderful steeming......


Hello again @mehta. I just want you to know that I mentioned you in the article that I just posted! Thank you for the inspiration!

Waaaaaoooh!!! @mehta this is just too beautiful to be neglected I as an event manager just got to really work on something like this on my next job that involves #yellow the lightening from different angles has really made this decoration flamboyant and things like this I know pave way for trust when dealing with your clients. I really love this.


Thanks for your Waaaoh!! comment.
I first steemians found in the field of event manager. Keep sprite up.
Keep steeming joyful...

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woooooow you're amazing when it comes to photography. I looked into your previous posts and yet you never disappoints. Love you @mehta


@lexymaine thanks for your wooooow! comment. Your words counts for me.
Wonderful steeming by you....


Haha thank you @mehta. I'm a photographer too and i get carried away by wonderful works like yours

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Loved the lightnings and decorations here.

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Great photos! And thank you for being vegan!


Thanks @vwd for Lovely comment. I like it that you are also vegan.

Was it warm during that evening ? Nice photos

I love what you do... It's consistent and you're talented at decorations

Great mix of yellow and orange color tones. Nice shots, @mehta and good luck with this colorchallenge.

decoration and colours are really awesome your life is really interesting because of your work keep continue it and your future will be very bright love it

Wow superb creation can you tell me where are from?