Fatherfaith's wedding photo gallery

in #wedding4 months ago

One of the beauty of blockchain technology is that files and data can be permanently stored on blockchain without fear of losing them.


I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary last month which means I got married more than a year ago but up till now, I have not published my wedding pictures on any social media.

It is my joy to announce that I have chosen this platform to officially publish my wedding pictures for the world to see. Why I chose this platform is not farfetched, I want a social media that will keep my pictures save without any fear of losing them. Even when I lose the soft copies I have, I want to be able to have access to the pictures easily.

So, I have a lot of my wedding pictures to published which cannot be published in one post. I have grouped them into different folders which I will publish one after the other.

A lot of steemians (including @ewuoso, @joshuaetim, @honourmaus, @abidemiademok21, @oladoye, @laurelfmc, @teeflow, @mickey1036 and many more) were in attendance for the wedding as you will later see in the pictures.

Follow me in order not to miss as I drop each folder of the photo gallery and to see how we celebrate wedding in this part of the world.


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