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i need to watch this...

Interesting thoughts and I’m so happy to see a new cross post to the Steem community!

I’ll be interested to see more about what you’re cooking up with WordPress. I recently started slowly putting some sites & work back onto WordPress, partly because Adobe Muse was discontinued, but also because I was very excited about the possibilities of integrating with Steem.

Two great projects in that regard are SteemPress and FinallyComments. As a huge Steem and comics fan I’d advocate taking a look at them and seeing if they fit into the ecosystem you envision.

SteemPress allows effortless cross posting of WP content to the Steem blockchain, and FinallyComments is a Disqus style application that brings Steem voting & commenting back to your site. Just as Project Wonderful found its niche heavily in the webcomic community, if there was solid uptake of something like FinallyComments by creators, fans would find a unified handle/login across sites and a built in support & rewards system to rival Patreon.

We’re also hopefully not long away from true community tools & features on Steemit & other Steem based sites that could allow bigger webcomic portals & aggregators to thrive.

And although Steem will always be my first decentralized crypto related social media love, I seem to be discovering new projects everyday. Ono, Narrative, Sapien... I think there’s going to be another shift before we know it as these new decentralized, creator friendly, “attention economy” ideals take hold.


Hey @bryan-imhoff I kind of feel the same way. But how do you see the future of the "attention economy" if everyone's using it! Would be hard to stand out in the end... More innovation are on the way. It's fun to try various approach, see what works, what doesn't...


I do think that’s the future we’re headed toward and see it even now in the dissatisfaction new users may express toward low earnings! Steemit is already becoming a microcosm of the internet in general. You can no more expect “if you post it, they will come” to work here than you would expect it launching a FaceBook Page, or WordPress blog.

The difference is in the tools which allow creators to distribute, market, and monetize seamlessly and with no middlemen. I think it’s the next step in what we’ve already seen in terms of independent content such as music & comics beginning to level the field against large labels & distributors in the internet age.

Great video!

As I said on youtube, I've seen the changes happen in just 6 years... I no longer count on my website to bring people over but more on webcomic hosting platforms. I also focus most of my strategy here on Steemit.

As @bryan-imhoff said, I see the site and the "attention" rewards as the future of content creation online. Once people know about it, it will get huge. But also crowded I suppose...

I'm a big fan of digital comics. Have a great collection.

Great account of the recent changes in webcomics. I can totally relate. And it is exactly why I am loving Steemit, ONO, and Patreon.

Hi @jasonbrubaker! I've observed the same things you've said in your video about the vanishing blogosphere.

About comics, I've tried building Dcomix, a decentralized webcomics platform using SteemPress and it's working fine but, like any other website, you get trolls here who befriend you and pretend that they'll work with you on a project. So choose to plan with people who really have your interests. Contact me, @lovebooster, anytime you want to test your idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.