Nerd By Northwest #121 – “Ranch to the Rescue”

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Dan scrambles to get his junk food fix...

Nerd By Northwest #121 – “Ranch to the Rescue”
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The funny thing in common about many of the office jobs I've worked is that most of them had that jumbo-size bottle of Ranch Dressing in the break room fridge. And yet nobody ever seemed quite sure who it belonged to... 🤔

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We quite often get cakes at work and sometimes people bring some healthy stuff too. I tend to go for the sweet stuff.

When I was an office drone I preferred to bring in healthy stuff, but unless I was on a strict diet regimen I would partake of any sweet stuff and junk food that the company or others brought in. Part of it was to satisfy my sweet tooth, but another part of it was that I find it hard to pass up free food... old habit from my struggling college student days 😉

Congratulations on the big votes this post brought in.

People always find ways to enjoy the things life has to offer, making the experience sweeter.
Having a healthy snack is always the best, as your cells benefit alot from this, but many times we just find ourselves craving for junk food.

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sooooo spot on, i am sugar junkie!!!

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Cake... how appropriate for this comic 😉