Hurricane Florence Predictions [ulog #3]

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Earlier today, @katrina-ariel asked on Discord if I was okay and ready for the storm. I had no idea what storm she was talking about. Due to the disgusting actions of the self-serving clowns currently controlling our nation's capital, I boycotted newscasts months ago for the sake of my mental and emotional well-being. I didn't even know about Aretha Franklin's passing until someone mentioned it on Discord a couple of days ago, and I was unaware of Hurricane Florence. Then, @enginewitty mentioned me in a post here, so thanks to that and @katrina-ariel's asking, I went to the NOAA website.


According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a scientific agency of the US government, the area where I live only has 20-30% chance of seeing winds up to 40 MPH, and rainfall in the 2-inch-or-less range. Of course, these are predications made based on the present track of the storm, which could change at any time. But, things don't look too bad for this area at the present time. There are other Steemians in worse locations, definitely.


During the late 1990s and early 2000s, I lived in Florida and experienced several strong storms, first-hand. The worse of them all was during the 2004 calendar year, when the area where I lived was ravaged by several Tropical Storms (TS) and Category-4 (C4) and Category-5 (C5) hurricanes. There was Bonnie (TS), then Charley (C4), Frances (C4), Ivan (C5), and Jeanne (C3), all within one calendar year that buffeted our region with damaging winds and many deluges of rain.

Not only were there long-term power outages, flooding, downed trees, and other issues, the apartment where I lived was damaged. Despite clear evidence of black mold and other issues, the company who managed the place only wanted to paint over the mold — literally — without fixing anything. Only when a state agency was contacted and management was threatened with legal action did they comply. I never want to live through such a nightmare again. But, I think I am safe where I am, for the passage of Hurricane Florence. I do appreciate #thealliance family for asking... and, for telling me about this storm in the first place! 💙


ThanksForReading.png 😊


a big hug is due to @enginewitty for designing the following personal banner for me 🤗





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You stay safe out there. I totally understand boycotting the news. I don't watch it, but friends are good. Glad we gave you a head's up and that you're inland enough (it seems) to avoid the worst of it. Hope that prediction holds.

My parents recently moved from New Orleans to Tennessee because they were simply done worrying about hurricanes. Mother nature sure is powerful.

Stay safe! I'm in Charlotte and I think I'll be okay but I'm certainly getting prepared. 👍

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Oh, my! I had no clue another Steemian was so close! I know of one in Greenville and a couple in Columbia, but that's all! Hope you have a good, sturdy place to wait it out!


My house is fairly new and I think the storm will be pretty much finished by the time it gets here, hopefully!

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Stay safe my friend.

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I am glad u are petty safe where u are, unfortunately im not so lucky. I am 30 miles off the coast and basically right where the storm is going to hit the hardest! It is my first hurricane because I just moved here 2 1/2 months ago.. Wish me luck!

Oh do stay safe!

I was in Hurricane Andrew back in 1992- I was pregnant with my youngest child at the time... and was in Ft Lauderdale visiting a family member. It was awful there. I still have the front page newspapers from the area-

Side note- my son's name is Andrew- lol

Where are you located? I'm in Virginia, but more inland. I'm wondering if it's all mostly hype as it often can be with these things.


I put a little red ball on the first two maps, showing roughly where I am located, not too far from Greenville, SC. I am glad to hear you are far inland, the safest place to be during times like these!

Stay safe! Watch the weather channel... no politics there! Or get hurricane updates here: