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Dutendo, Colombia, South America:
Dundo's rainfall is 11,770 mm a year. This place is not a popular place like other places. Located in a corner of the northwest of Colombia, Dudento. The houses of this area have always been covered with waterless sheets. Most people do not know that there will be heavy rainfall here. The rainfall is also high at the nearby Quebec.

Grape River, New Zealand:
The average rainfall of the region is 11,516 mm. The Grab River in this area is 9 km long. The weather here is in contrast to the dry weather prevailing in New Zealand. The Grab River runs 9 km and joins the river Hokkitka.

San Antonio di Eureka, Pioco Iceland:
The above study name is also a part of the African Uni. The average annual rainfall is 10,450 mm. The San Antonio di Eureka, located on the African continent, lasts from November to March. But after that the rain will be worse. Tourists can visit this place during the dry season.

Debenta, Cameroon, Africa:
The average monsoon rainfall in this area is 10,229 mm. The highest peak in Africa is the Kamalan Mountaineering, the Dibandza Village. This usually has a contradictory weather. That is why the region receives heavy rainfall.

Mount Walele, Kauai, Hawaii:
Mount Valley is the name of 'water overflow'. In this area, there is a bad environment where the leg can be slipping even in the canal. The area is in the form of a cone, and the researchers say there is a rainfall. The average annual rainfall of this area is 9,763 mm.

Kukui, Mawai, Hawaii:
Mounta Kahalvana in Hawaii is the highest peak, Kuuki. The height of this area is made up of volcanoes. The extinct part of the volcano is now called the Evo Valley. The average annual rainfall of the area is 9,223 mm.

Emy Shan, Sichuan Province, China:
The region's annual rainfall is 8,169 mm. The four Holy Mountains of Buddhism, the highest in the region, take place in the heaviest rainfall in the world. These mountains draw dual layer clouds and bring rain. It is also called the Sea of ​​Clouds. This place was also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

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