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Poverty will not give you a voice so fight it. What stops people is not from outside, it's what's inside of them.


  • There is nothing that builds your capacity rather than work(I.e you working), God wants you to be wealthy much more than you want to be wealthy because through prosperity God's kingdom would be revealed. Deuteronomy 8;18.

Now for you to be wealthy, you have to follow the principles of wealth creation, it's not enough to go to church, read your Bible or pray every day hoping that manner would fall from heaven- if you have that kind of mentality, you would grow old poor because wealth belongs to those involved in production not consumption so start doing something, if you have an idea, the world needs that idea- put it to work. Proverbs 10;22

this is the time for the rise of African entrepreneurs


  • Whatever your heart strives to do, do it with diligence and with all of your heart and watch God open doors for you(trust in him).
    Learn something new in your field of work- 1st Chronicles 15;22.
    Always ask the right questions, read up trends, read up about people trending in your field, accept honest feedbacks and observe customer behavior.
    Challenge your best to become better, create multiple streams of income.

  • Okay, after all is said and done you have to create brians so that the wealthy cycle can go round. Proverbs 11;24. Give out knowledge to other people(by creating workshops, organising seminars, etc) because giving breaks poverty and giving gives you more

Your competition should not be with people at your level, but with yourself


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Hey @kwinesther i just wanted to stop by and tell you i loved your post! it's very true and inspiring and i'm glad you are super connected to god:) you'll have great success here. continue making friends and loving others here and you'll do awesome. it's @stevenalexander btw. posting from me and @stellabelles joint account.


Thank you @stevenalexander and @stellabelles for loving, noticing and commenting on my post.😊
I'll sure follow your advice.



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