WCW - My Woman Crush this Wednesday is @gee1

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My woman-crush this Wednesday goes to the very Lady Gee1! ❤️

@gee1 has been an Inspiration to me and so many even in my early days on steemit. She offered some tips and motivation the very first day I met her alongside sir @samstickkz. It has always been a resounding experience in my mind. True to it later on as I kept following, I saw the dedication in her and timely actions. I was honestly inspired by her drive and passionate dealings. God Bless you @gee1

Like they say, people mostly remember you accurately for how you made them feel when they came across you.

Thank you @gee1 for the motivating impression that I received from you when we met. Thank you also to @aerick and @samstickkz for the little discussions at that eatery during which I stepped in. Thank you to mr @japfive for your support, beyond words.. ✌

@gee1 please keep glowing and keep being that awesome lady that you are!


Very nice post, thanks for sharing :).
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Best regards,

Thats a beautiful mentor! Great smiles from both of you!

Oh thank you 😊. She's so cute too! I appreciate..

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Oh gracias. Well received!

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O thank you for this!

I'm so honored 😍😍😍
Thanks dearie.
You really do have a cute smile!!!

Thanks for participating in #womancrushwednesday and Congratulations you will be getting a freebie in about a week.

❤️ thanks dear. Cheers!!

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