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16 teams have a clear thing in mind.
Win this trophee.
This Saturday 4 teams will go after it.
We have to start Argentina versus France.
Later Uruguay versus Portugal.
Two teams will not advance.
Two will.
It is hard to say who want it more.
I cannot see Messi go now and Christiano too.
Football is a team game.
Seriousness start today.
This could be the last World cup for both of them.
We all know they will watch each other.
Pressure build up.
Fans going crazy.
Don't feel bad if you see there is no goal today.
Penalty is the cool-aid in football.
You have to get a winner.
I know Uruguay is good at playing defense if they score
WOW !! it will be fun.
ENJOY the knock out phase.
Keep on postin'



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Yes @pouchon uruguay is a great team and i think they can win against portugal because they're a whole team and portugal is just ronando and 5 more. Regard


Well said!
You are absolutely right.
They proved to be the better team

best wishes for all team

so excited about who will win and make there place in the finale