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This match means way more for Senegal than Colombia.
Colombia wants to win more.
A lot of miss opportunity to finish the game.
I cannot understand and it is true what the players
are going true.
A lot of noise and big stage world cup you have
to perform.
The only problem this event only happen every four year.

James was not in top shape but it will be needed for the next match.
They will play England.
Not too easy but Colombia can make a difference.
The knockout phase is a pure beauty of football.
No draw, a winner will be pronounce at the end.
Congrats to Senegal for coming and play with power.
Congrats to Colombia for winning the group.




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yes this were a do or die match for colombia


They come up big in due time.
Worried for James.

this were a big match for colombia....congratulations


More representations for South America.
So far Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay.
That's all we have in there.
Gone are Panama, Costa Rica, Peru.