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We all know how important water is to all forms of life, and our human need for clean drinking water. Many parts of the world, and much of its population, are increasingly under inadequate and imperiled water supply sources, due to shortages, pollution and other issues playing out. We ain’t gonna look at all that right now, but it's definitely worth mentioning that 70% of the fresh water used worldwide is for agriculture, so file that puppy away under your bonnet.

Source: Seametrics (Sept. 2015)

The focus with this Stuporbowl Sunday post is on a few other notable aspects about our drinking water. If you’re still fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where there's enough to go around and it's “seemingly” clean and safe to drink (or least you beLIEve that), well maybe you need to consider a few other things about what else is in there, and where it comes from.

We’re going to highlight bottled water, fluoride in it (in certain places), and considering distilled as an alternative. This is all non-exhaustive of course, and each of the three areas can be delved into much more. It’s merely a jumping off point for those with no inkling and who may have their interest piqued.

For many in certain countries, bottled water is considered an easy, convenient and “relatively” affordable option. In other places, it is sadly the safest and only option (yet unaffordable), so one takes that into the greater context when balancing and considering things.

A few questions to think about. Where does that bottled water all get sourced from? How clean and safe is it? How are those plastic bottles made? What are the human health and environmental effects from the manufacturing process? Where do those containers end up once we’re done with them?

There are a lot of sources of information out there but this documentary, Tapped (2009) [73m], is a great overview and dives into all five questions above.

Regarding the general corralling of clean water supplies for commercial porpoises [ sic] and distribution control therein, here’s a short snippet with our main magnanimous mofo, former Nestlé CEO and Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, touching on the matter in this German documentary (English subtitles), We Feed The World (2005).

No doubt, our warm and embracing chap (and his successors) had / have your best interests at heart, so long as your sorry ass be a company shareholder.

They’ll tell you that tap water is a way better alternative than bottled water in most cases. And sure, bottled water has its bonafide uses, when the tap stuff is REALLY bad (e.g., think along the lines of Flint, Michigan, and choosing between the lesser of two evils), in emergencies, post natural disasters and man-made calamities, for relief efforts until the regular “safe” infrastructure gets back on online again.

So bottled water ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, but now let's look at fluoride. Good thing it ain’t everywhere and most countries avoid putting ban it in the water supply. It may also sneak into your body via processed foods (that use water in the manufacturing process) and other ways.

The base ruse narrative we've been fed for decades is fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. Once you investigate, your sorry ass finds out what’s really going down, just like with the Tooth Fairy.

A few things to consider.

Many brands of bottled water add fluoride as well, without even mentioning it many a time.

@LeCrazyCanuckEh did a short intro video on this topic of fluoride and a reason to consider distilled water as an alternative.

Here’s a 20 minute overview on some things to mull in the fluoride sphere.

There are many well-done documentaries detailing the dangers of fluoride. The Great Culling: Our Water (2012) [93 minutes], is as good as anywhere to start the journey about where it comes from, its historical background, and why it’s really there.

As for fluoride in your toothpaste, not wanting it there, and looking for an alternative, there was a most awesome solution way back when. Bob’s all over this vintage product.

Source: Business Insider
More: Whiskey Flavoured Toothpaste, 1955

Alas, we digress for a moment. “Alcohol … cuz no great and memorable story ever started with someone eating a salad.” Dat B troof !!

In all seriousness, there are toothpaste alternatives on the market without fluoride. There are also simple, safe, effective and cheap replacements you can even make at home. Just go ahead and look. Bob ain’t your dentist or go-to, part-time dental hygienist.

Now, on to distilled water. It’s not just about fluoride in drinking water, but about all the other chemical crap in there as well, be it intentionally and environmentally added along the way. There’s a lot of mis- and dis-information out there on whether or not to consume distilled water. Some put forth that you gonna get sick, have all the good minerals leached out of your body, or even die eventually. Other may ask, “What the @#$% is distilled water anyway?!”

Start digging and you’ll figure it out. Here are three quick views on what’s in your "clean" tap water, and the remaining residue post distillation. Pay particular attention to that smoove spreadable sludge in the first one, which kinda looks like some sort of @#$%ed up icing cum peanut butter.

The Journey of Water Documentary (2011) [33m] digs a little deeper, and more formally with some added scientific gravitas in terms of the presenter and methodology, even though it's backed by a company making stuff in the distilled space.

Take a gander at 24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water for some quick and short added insights to ponder.

Dig more on your own, look at both sides of the pro / con coin, and come to your own conclusion. There are several ways to make your own at home too, if you don’t want / can’t afford to buy a proper distiller. Also, be careful if you decide to buy distilled water, because they may put fluoride in it for added "goodness", so read the label, unless they are sneaking it in there.

Bottomline, water is one of the KEY factors affecting your health. Do whatever you can to know what the real deal is and being served up on the sly.

The more shit you suss out about stuff going on out there about everything, the more you need a sense of humor, cuz, the joke and con job is on all of us. Only you can save yourself. Ain’t no cavalry coming to your rescue. You’re it … once (and if) you wake up. We may not all get there.

Let’s close with an apt, topical, sarcastic smile, and a song to get your Sunday groove on. Bob’s always up for a good giggle, and a fiesta.

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Keep the articles shorter, just one "shit issue" per article, it will make people more engaged and you'll get more followers and $. Thanks for this Stevo! Much Love, always


Irie, grazie on the feedback, Bedrich. Always appreciated. Post challenges are indeed a balance between multi-faceted, complex issues versus engagement and short attention spans. Take a tune on the house...