I tell you how to become a rich man - when all fears you become greedy, the world's richest person Buffet Buffet's Money Making Mantra

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Warren Buffet is considered to be the most successful investor in the world. This is the person who follows the whole world as the investment guru. He is ready to advise every person in the world, who wants to hear and understand them. Warren Buffett, 88, is currently the third richest person in the world.

According to the Bloomberg index, their total assets are $ 81.5 billion. Next to them is Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Buffet is expert in making money with money and this iron believes the whole world. Warf Buffet is giving 5 tips for success in life and earning money.

1 If you find yourself in a boat that is constantly leaking, then the energy used to shut down the clues will be less productive than the energy used to change the boat.
2 occasions do not come repeatedly. When there is a raining of gold, you should put a bucket instead of hand.
3 If you can not keep a stock for ten years, do not think about keeping it for 10 minutes.3268750_L.jpg
4 I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. When other people are greedy then you will become timid. When others are scared then you are greedy
The only difference between 5 successful people and the most successful people is that very successful people have denied almost everything. To Do Do List makes it necessary to create non-to-do lists.

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good decision at good time make people rich

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Right bro

@aliwajid Nice post my friend...

Thanks bhai for ur valuable comment

Warren is mastermind! But he hates technology

@aliwajid First become RICH then become a #philosopher

Yes if you want to succeed you have to buy when everybody is selling.

@aliwajid According to the Latest news Buffet has invested and bought some shares in APPLE. He is the perfact example of Great Businessman.

yeah i follow this to become rich 4 sure

Nice lines

Success is all we need

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Satisfaction is sign of richman

rule 2 is for crypto

That's an amazing blog. Buy when everyone else is trying to sell & sell when everyone else is trying to buy. That's the main formula we need to follow.

Yes bro this also apply in trading

Investment is good idea to get rich but be wise while investing.

warren Buffet , i recommend everyone to read his lifes story as it can teach us and help us to grow better

No one knows , how he got here and what he is up to.....

Truly an inspiration

Wow very motivating

very nice points and the ending was good too

Thanks for your valuable comment bro

To be successful you have to make a path which is out of your comfort zone.

Good research i really appreciate
I upvt u folw u now yours turn

Good post :)

Very true

Not To Do list is more important. I’ve been writing to do list but now I understand what not to do.