Amallyn Shadowguide - Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

in warhammer •  4 months ago 

This is Amallyn Shadowguide one of the current 8 heroes available to play in WQ Blackstone fortress. She is an Aeldari that has traveled the webway for centuries in search of finding a Blackstone fortress. She believes that the secrets and technologies contained within the fortress have a possibility of helping save her dying homeworld.

Sadly nobody has picked her in any of our games yet. However from reading the rules she seems to be proficient in picking enemies off from afar. Amallyn is also quite capable in melee range combat due to her power blade however she has lower defense and could easily be swarmed.

Enjoy the pictures of my Amallyn Shadowguide below. As always please feel free to comment and/or ask me questions.



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