War Is Murder

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Recently I have begun creating Memes like the one above. I have created these memes for one purpose.

While I was at the LP convention, this summer, everyone was saying Taxation is Theft, which obviously have always agreed with. There were t-shirts, buttons, bumber stickers, and all manner of things with the slogan on it. Every once in a while someone would get on a mic and ask the chair, "is taxation theft" to which he would answer "yes, taxation is theft." Everyone cheered and laughed.



As Rothbard eloquently pointed out above these two ideas are a set. One is lacking in our discourse, and in my mind, and frankly Rothbards arguements in Ethics of Liberty argued, "War is Murder," is more important because it is a greater crime. I am attempting to raise its profile. Sure, libertarians generally agree with the statement, but we need to start talking about it.


The preservation of peace is a funadental part of Libertarian philosophy. My friend and presidential candidate Adam Kokesh has made it a central part of both his activism and presidential run. In his book FREEDOM! he says this.

“None of the propaganda around war can disguise its true nature. It is massive organized violence for the purpose of expanding government power. It is the height of statism and it is the greatest affront to freedom.”
― Adam Kokesh, FREEDOM!

and this

“If the worst crime that can be committed against an individual is murder, then the worst possible crime is organized, deliberate, self-righteous, mass murder. “War” is just a word that governments use to make mass murder and theft seem acceptable.”
― Adam Kokesh, FREEDOM!


I am happy to see that "Taxation is Theft," has made it into popular culture. It is time that its compliment, "War is Murder," joined it. I have committed to making several Memes a week based on it. I also have begun using the hash tag #WarIsMurder when posting a story about war. Please join me, make your own Memes, share mine. Make button, t-shirts, ect., and find new ways to talk about it. Theft is a crime worth fighting, War is a greater crime worth eradicating.


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ATTENTION: This account has blocked me on other social media for exposing potential threats to my safety and that of my family via the Adam Kokesh campaign team.

You can learn more in the following link. Please encourage @marcus.pulis to stop censoring these alleged threats!


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By now, he either owns you like he does Ben Farmer or you are just as evil. I really hoped you could be the voice of reason but I should have known from your illogical support of things I know you do not agree with that have come to light recently that you are lost from the voluntary movement. Don't let Adam take that from you. When you dissent your daughter will be the same prey he thought my son was.