Bill Still Report - Biden is Weaponizing Govt Against Trumpers!!, 3615 - 6-16-2021

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If this doesn't concern people, nothing will. The snitching on people thing is directly out of the communist tyranny playbook.

I was listening to Alex Jones and other shows this week and everyone is saying to be peaceful, pray, and speak out....OK. Yes, I agree this should happen during a certain phase....I have to be careful here, so let me make it clear....I am not saying go commit violent acts. What I am saying is this.....we are at a point where this communist thugs in power do not care if you speak out and will run over top of people...I'm curious to see how the AZ audit turns out. DOJ is already threatening to intervene to keep truth from coming out. This would be an example of these thugs running over top of the Constitution and the people. Of course they use the excuse of trying to protect voters, when in reality it is protecting the rigged election.

So, where do does that leave other words, what other options do people have. Our Founding Fathers were confronted with this same option. They petitioned King George many, many times over various issues and every time the King was deaf to petitions. So you get the Boston Tea Party, Loyalists getting tarred and feathered, and so on. Maybe the stand off at the Bundy Ranch was similar...I don't know. The point is, in both cases events happened slowly over a long period of time. Had Trump not been in office the pace would have quickened and we may have already been at war.

The only question in my mind is where is the tipping point in our present situation. Some would argue the Boston Massacre was the tipping point event for Founding Fathers. Some colonist who were outspoken against King George and were arrested for sedition and ended up rotting away on British prison ships was certainly a part of it.....well, we have people from January 6th Capital Hill protest rotting away in a DC jail, yet ANTIFA and BLM looters and rioters walk free. Again, I'm not calling for violence, but I can see it coming and I can't blame people for taking up arms against tyranny.

It will probably start small....the tar and feathering of 1700s, becomes sniping Federal agents...likely ATF gun roundup driven. High profile Libtard politicians getting picked off....bombings...cameras around federal facilities shot out....federal buildings and equipment set on fire. There are many other ways resistance will be shown, but this will lead to bigger confrontations and inevitably citizens will be killed by Feds, then the real pain begins. So, to be clear, I am not making recommendations for what people should do....I am merely predicting what will happen given present course charted by these thugs.