Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down In Syria's Idlib Province

in war •  9 months ago

Although he survived the crash he was killed in ground combat, Moscow said.

Wreckage of the Sukhoi-25

According to reports, the Russian defense ministry said the pilot had ejected into an area controlled by the Jihadist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, formerly linked to al-Qaeda took credit for shooting down the Sukhoi-25.

Back in December, the Syrian Government launched a major offensive attack.

Over the last 24 hour, there has been dozens of Russian air strikes. According to monitor groups.

The defense ministry said it was making all possible efforts to retrieve the body.

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We the peace loving people dont want war anymore.Lets come to the discussion table not in the war field AND lets not barge into some others country both for usa and russia.Let them solve their problems.This sort of situation will never end the war.@upvoted

Wars do not serve anyone, much less human beings, they are always the ones who pay with their lives for military action.
However, I must say that this photography is amazing.
Thank you very much for sharing this material dear friend @joseph
I wish you a good weekend

Shot Down with USA rokets

I hope they get the body.
war should stay limited to video games.

War watch the video after the 20 second mark for music. The main words to the song sum it up best!

I hope the war wiil be stopped.