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As I wander, you’ll remember the way
Fingers playing lightly down my spine
A flip flop inside
You’ve reached within
Softly, I seek to whisper my love
But you turn away
Laughter, I bubble to replace
The moment, my error
I knew, but could not stop the pull
Heartstrings bound
A flame left abandoned
Fury of light, running, becomes me
The Earth grabs hold
Roots spring, planting me in
Limbs bound to this place
Securely fastened within two realms
Swimming through a chase of echoes,
seeking my way
Tears here, water the grass
Sadness my swell
Friends lend shoulders
Candles burn
My Angel lights the space
Sorrow glittering on his face
Witness to my disobedience
Bearer of forgiveness
My sorrow is his
Comforting arms pluck the roots tenderly
Freeing the flower grown from my navel
Sands shaken away, littered in the fields of time
In flight we depart
Until the battle nears
Through the sands I will come, sword in hand
Wings of the spirit pinned on
Carrying the night, illuminating the word
The devil seeking my heart will fail to find
What is not here
It is picked and planted above
Twinkling laughter at his plight
Bonds that bound me to this place
I come to fulfill
Messenger cloth shed and armor in place
To clash
Held up by an angel
Charged by God’s might
Until the last bell, when I turn and bow my goodbye
Fully shedding Earth’s bounds
Sprinkling flower seeds in my wake
To remind
I came of His will and of my love
Remember the love
The joy
The smile
I leave behind
Never alone, but solitary in humanity’s love
I leave what I took and I wait
As I wander
You shall remember the way

  • MindInspired

For details I cannot be certain. Solitary and never alone.. They appear to conflict, but can they both exist? I will wander if it leaves you to find the way. 💕

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