A Post Dedicated To Awareness And Appreciation Goes Viral

in walmart •  3 months ago

Nail salon located next to Walmart denies a girl who wanted her nails done because of she has cerebral palsy.

Rejection is an ugly thing to endure, but being rejected and discriminated against is far worse.

A Walmart employee in Burton, Michigan, saw a young lady in a wheelchair get denied service at 'Da Vi Nails' because she moves too much due to her cerebral palsy.

Ebony Harris, the Walmart employee who witnessed this decided to use her break to bring back a pretty smile on the young ladies face. Being denied service???

Where are the hearts of love??

'I just wanted to make her day special. I didn't really want her day to be ruined. That's why I did it.'

  • Ebony Harris
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is she move to much the employee must adapt because he gets paid no? XD