Wall Street ended the week's first negative session led by industrial and technology shares

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - US stocks ended the first trading session of the week on red, in contrast to previous sessions, as they rebounded from their all-time highs led by General Electric Co., which led the decline in the industrial sector with a decline of more than six percent, describing the worst performance of its daily in six years after reducing the group Of the brokering companies have their price targets amid growing opportunities to reduce profits for the industrial bloc.

This comes in a shadow in the shadows of the season of disclosure of the results of business to major American companies and banks, which is the nerve of the largest economy in the world and amid the lack of economic data by the US economy at the beginning of this week, which carries the data of US growth for the third quarter and the aspiration to choose US President Donald Trump, a new governor of the Federal Reserve, tends to tighten monetary policy.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the session down 0.23% or 54.67 points at 23,273.96 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index shed 0.40% or 10.23 points to close at 2,564.98 points, while the Nasdaq Composite Index shed 0.64% Or about 42.23 to close at levels of 6,586.83 points.

Gold futures for December delivery rose 0.17% to currently trade at $ 1,283.10 per ounce compared to the opening at $ 1,280.90 per ounce, while the US dollar index rose 0.25% to 93.94 compared to the opening at 93.70.

On the other hand, crude oil futures for November delivery rose 0.02% to currently trade at $ 51.91 per barrel, compared to the opening price of $ 51.90 per barrel, while Brent crude futures for December delivery fell 15 December 0.66% currently trading at $ 57.37 per barrel compared to the opening price of $ 57.75 per barrel.


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