Trumps wall - Right idea, wrong location

in wall •  2 years ago

Whether you love him or hate him, I think Trump has stumbled across a way to make the country a much better place.

Most people I run across in this country would love things to get better, whether they believe the new boss is better/worse than the old boss or not.

Since we (and our children, and theirs, etc.) will be paying for any such wall built, why don't we build it somewhere where it will make a difference for future generations?

What if we built the Trump Wall here?

border of washington dc
What if we built a wall here instead of at the mexican border?

I think that would do future generations a lot more good than one built at the mexican border, especially if we prevented people from coming to our side of the wall...

For those who are offended...

Sorry, I really couldn't help it. I thought the possibilities were worth at least thinking about...

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Excellent idea. You are making the idea of walls great again. Tremendous.

I like it.