A walk around the pond..

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So I'm in town looking for a dentist.. well waiting actually.. I got a referral for a local dentist from @phoenixwren.. my appointment is at 5.. so I got some time to kill..


Sure 1.4 miles.. cake walk.. and since this is the blockchain and I'm going for a walk anyway.. might be time for a #walkwithme post.. wait.. i'll get paid twice.. let me fire up this Actifit app... 1,2,3....

Some pics of the pond...


That's the walking trail in the foreground..

Decided I needed to get paid 3 times and stopped to smoke a joint and post this Steepshot


There are lots of other walkers out since it's such a beautiful day...


The mountains in the distance..


Even the geese and ducks are out..




Even the prairie dogs are out enjoying the day..


Some pretties for the ladies ...



The view from the other side of the lake..


Time to start the long process of typing and uploading pictures... But let's not miss a few things here first...

Thanks to #steemit we are able to get paid for things we'd do anyway. Maximize your efforts..

Don't forget to upvote.. and if you're smart you'll leave a nice non-spammy comment for me to upvote..

If you do decide to spam I have a flag for that..

Get out and enjoy every beautiful day you can


Peace out ya'll... Dave

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I like that walk around the lake, Dave. Sure is a pretty area. Any fish in that lake? Looks like the perfect spot for a canoe and a fishing line...


I don't know.. I don't fish.. I suck at fishing

Awesome walk around the pond, and wise man getting paid 3 times for one walk, loves it!!

Thank you for the flowers too...

Pretty lake! I hope your appointment went well! I'm glad you were able to get in to see Dr. Loza.

Cool going to try actifit! Good pics. Like the mountains


You definately should.. unless you're a couch potato.. in that case save yourself the embarrassment.. but it pays you both in upvotes and Actifit tokens

Hope everything's ok now after being at the dentist 😬 Have a look to your guess of the Upvote Game - could be too low in the mean time... the first 24 hours you can adjust it without any un- and upvotes... ;)


Oh.. I didn't know that.. I did see a couple huge accounts UV after me tho.. yeah.. curation rewards lol.. for any followers here's the upvote game ... feel free to play

Very nice Dave! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I can't really tell that's a prairie dog in that one pic but I believe you. Hope your dentist appointment goes well. Last time I went to the dentist I was having teeth pulled :-(.

That looks like a nice place to walk. I'm hoping to end up with some free time today to wander around and enjoy the sunny shine like you.

That's smart to use the apps and get paid more than once. Cash in!