Walkwithme some views from Sundance mountain in Belle Fourche

in walkwithme •  8 months ago

I had to go do chores for my son and daughter Inlaw today. So here is my walkwithme part 2. This first pic is of crow peak . The same mountain I showed you a picture of from my home earlier today.
Here is another pic of the black hills off in the distance
Here is a pic of the calves I came to feed. All good and hungry this morning.
Dogs were loving the sunshine and the snow.
And finally a pic looking down on Belle Fourche.

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Omg what a lovely photography i love this place ...also dog is awesome thanks a lot dear for sharing with us ur lovely post @andre-ager


Thanks love the puppies

I came to feed. All good and hungry


Ha thanks everybody was hungry

waow beautiful post nice dog


Thanks we love our puppies.

Nice pics used thank you so much friend


Thanks they barely do justice to the actual veiws

I love the black hills. my dad and i used to go out to Sundance Wy every year to visit ranching friends and do some hunting. Beautiful part of the country


Oh yes Sundance is beautiful country

Nice shots.dogs are also awesome.I liked calves image.black hills are awesome.You did good work and your shots are really good.Keep it up


amazing post superb

Looks like my Montana Andre. Stay warm, we have some winter left.


Thanks we play in Montana too. Wife has family in north eastern Montana

Love dogs; Love your photography

I like your post. Good photography and nice content.

A cold and beautiful scene.