Cold morning fresh snow beautiful -10 f

in walkwithme •  9 months ago

Out shoveling took a few pics of the day.
This is crow peak you see with the sun making the snow glimmer.
Our beautiful spruce tree we planted in the front yard. It was just 3 ft tall when I planted it.
Sun shining in the back pasture.
The moon in the east 925D5CDA-D7DB-4FD0-B250-9DEAC08F8F01.jpeg
The sun peecking through the trees in the West
Time to get back to shoveling.
Enjoy your day!

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Last image is awesome.You did awesome shots.I am also photographer.Keep it up dear


Thanks I am an amiture but love to share.


Welcome.Keep it up

really beautiful photography thank you for sharing

Great work on this #walkwithme! I'm so happy you included a selfie, but brrrr you look so cold, here is a hug to warm you up!!!! *Squeeze!!


Thanks for the hug! And the encouragement !

post again :)